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Brazil: Forced Evictions in Rio de Janeiro
10 November 2011

Open Letter       AMR 19/017/2011

Brasil: Remoções Forçadas no Rio de Janeiro
10 November 2011

Open Letter       AMR 19/017/2011

Brazil: Reinforcing the International Campaign against Rio de ...
1 November 2011

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. 1 November 2011. Index: AMR 19/016/2011. Brazil: Reinforcing the ...

Public Statement       AMR 19/016/2011

Stand up for human rights and demand an end to forced ...
3 October 2011

Riot police in formation during the forced eviction of 800 families at the Olga Benário encampment in São Paulo, Brazil, 24 August 2009. ...

Poster       ACT 35/030/2011

Stop forced evictions: Protect people living in slums
3 October 2011

More than one billion people live in slums. Governments often forcibly evict people living in slums, driving them further into poverty and into more precarious ...

Document       ACT 35/026/2011

Brazil: Indigenous community facing imminent eviction
28 September 2011

Thirty-five families of the Guarani-Kaiowá community of Laranjeira Ñanderu face imminent eviction from their ancestral lands in Mato Grosso do Sul State ...

Urgent Action       AMR 19/015/2011

Brazil: Out of the shadows: End militia violence and extortion ...
21 September 2011

This postcard is also available in Brazilian Portuguese. To view it, please click on the PDF button below.

Postcard       AMR 19/011/2011

Amnesty International | Brazil urged to scrap Amnesty Law that ...
26 August 2011

Amnesty International today urged the Brazilian authorities to revoke a law that prevents the investigation and prosecution of those responsible for ...

Press Release      

UN finds Brazil failed to prevent pregnant woman's death ...
19 August 2011

A landmark UN decision has found that Brazil discriminated against a pregnant Afro-descendant woman and failed to prevent her death.


UN Holds Brazil to Account for Maternal Mortality
17 August 2011

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC STATEMENT. 17 August 2011. Index: AMR 19/013/2011. UN Holds Brazil to Account for Maternal Mortality. ...

Public Statement       AMR 19/013/2011