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Amnesty International | Belarus scores own goal as activists ...
2 May 2014

The Belarusian government has scored an own goal by cracking down on civil society in a bid to silence dissenters ahead of the Ice Hockey World

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Belarus: Death row prisoner executed in secret
23 April 2014

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC STATEMENT 23 April 2014 AI Index: EUR 49/003/2014. Belarus: Death row prisoner ...

Public Statement       EUR 49/003/2014

Wire, March/April 2014. Vol. 44, issue 002
6 March 2014

1) The Agenda 2) Up front: Protecting people in a human rights crisis 3) My Body My Rights My Future 4) Who controls your body? 5) Nepal: Removing ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/002/2014

Belarus: Man sentenced to death in Belarus: Eduard Lykau
8 January 2014

A 53 year-old man, Eduard Lykau, was sentenced to death on 26 November, but the information was only released almost a month later. He was the ...

Urgent Action       EUR 49/001/2014

Belarus: Out in the open | Amnesty International
8 December 2013

Ihar Tsikhanyuk is an openly gay man from Belarus who works as a drag artist. When he tried to set up a gay rights organization, the police beat him ...


Write for Rights. 2013's Cases. Summary and some key ...
2 December 2013

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. CASES DOCUMENT. AI Index: ACT 30/054/2013. 2 December 2013. Write for Rights. 2013's Cases. ...

PressItem       ACT 30/054/2013

Belarus: Further information: Outspoken psychiatrist released ...
7 November 2013

Psychiatrist Igor Postnov who was forcibly detained and treated in a psychiatric hospital following his outspoken criticism of the health care system in ...

Urgent Action       EUR 49/023/2013

Ihar Tsikhanyuk – Beaten by police for being gay | Amnesty ...
6 November 2013

Write to the General Prosecutor to investigate ill-treatment.

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Wire, November/December 2013. Vol. 43, issue 006
1 November 2013

1) The Agenda 2) Up front: How many more? Syria's refugees top 2 million 3) Write for rights: Occupied Palestinian Territories: A tiny village with a big ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/006/2013

Belarus: Death sentence overturned in Belarus
24 October 2013

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. 24 October 2013. AI Index: EUR 49/021/2013. Death sentence overturned in Belarus. ...

Public Statement       EUR 49/021/2013