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Bahrain: Health professionals held incommunicado
26 April 2011

Index: MDE 11/022/2011 (Bahrain) Date: 26 April 2011. To: Health professionals. From: Amnesty international. APPEAL FOR ACTION. ...

Medical Action       MDE 11/022/2011

Bahrain: A Human Rights Crisis - Briefing paper
21 April 2011

BRIEFING PAPER. Bahrain: A Human Rights Crisis. 21 April 2011. AI INDEX: MDE 11/019/2011. Bahrain today is a country ...

Document       MDE 11/019/2011

Bahrain: Further information: Bahraini opposition leader ...
20 April 2011

Ebrahim Sharif, one of several prominent opposition leaders detained in Bahrain in March, was transferred on or around 10 April to a military hospital ...

Urgent Action       MDE 11/020/2011

Bahrain: Defence lawyer detained in Bahrain
18 April 2011

A prominent defence lawyer was detained on 15 April 2011 in Bahrain's capital, Manama. Amnesty International believes he is a prisoner of conscience ...

Urgent Action       MDE 11/018/2011

Bahrain continues to detain protestors: Further information
11 April 2011

The crackdown on activists continues in Bahrain, with the detention of a prominent Bahraini human rights activist and his two sons-in-law on April 9 ...

Urgent Action       MDE 11/017/2011

Amnesty International team in Bahrain
1 April 2011

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. MEDIA ADVISORY. Date: 1 April 2011. AI Index: MDE 11/016/2011. Amnesty International team in Bahrain. ...

PressItem       MDE 11/016/2011

Bahrain: Further information: Further arrests of activists and ...
23 March 2011

A crackdown on Shi'a opposition activists and doctors continues in Bahrain, with six more people detained in the past few days. Amnesty International ...

Urgent Action       MDE 11/015/2011

Bahrain: Eight activists detained in Bahrain
18 March 2011

Eight prominent opposition activists have been detained in Bahrain following the use of grossly excessive force by Bahraini security forces, backed by ...

Urgent Action       MDE 11/014/2011

Bahrain witnesses describe bloody crackdown
17 March 2011

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. 17 March 2011. AI Index: MDE 11/013/2011. Bahrain witnesses describe bloody crackdown. ...

PressItem       MDE 11/013/2011

Bahrain: Bloodied but unbowed: Unwarranted state violence ...
17 March 2011

Mass peaceful protests demanding political reform have shaken the Gulf state of Bahrain since mid-February. In response, the security forces initially ...

Document       MDE 11/009/2011