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Azerbaijan: Opposition activist freed as pre-Eurovision hunger ...
16 May 2012

Azerbaijani prisoners of conscience have launched a hunger strike in the run-up to the Eurovision in Baku.


Amnesty International | Azerbaijan: Police violently disperse ...
14 May 2012

Azerbaijan must immediately halt the police use of violence to suppress freedom of expression, Amnesty International said after two separate peaceful ...

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Azerbaijan: Police violently disperse peaceful rallies ahead of ...
14 May 2012

Just weeks before Azerbaijan hosts the Eurovision song contest, police have violently broken up two peaceful protests in the capital.


Azerbaijan: “There is no official censorship - but anyone doing ...
3 May 2012

Azerbaijani campaigner Emin Milli tells Amnesty International how his blogs revealing government abuse landed him in jail for 16 months.


Azerbaijan: Further information: Jabbar Savalan conscripted ...
3 May 2012

University student Jabbar Savalan has been conscripted by the Azerbaijani military. As he should be exempt from military service, Amnesty International ...

Urgent Action       EUR 55/010/2012

Azerbaijan: Press freedom trampled in Azerbaijan
2 May 2012

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. MEDIA ADVISORY. AI Index: EUR 55/009/2012 2 May 2012. Press freedom trampled in Azerbaijan. ...

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World Press Freedom Day: Repression in the digital era ...
1 May 2012

Amnesty International hears from journalists and bloggers across the world who face abuse and even imprisonment while trying to do their job.


Azerbaijan: Authorities determined to silence dissent to ...
1 May 2012

1 AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL MEDIA BRIEFING AI Index: EUR 55/008/2012 1 May 2012 Azerbaijan: Authorities determined to silence dissent to ...

PressItem       EUR 55/008/2012

Azerbaijan: Police and State Oil staff beat up journalists
19 April 2012

Two journalists trying to film illegal house demolitions in Azerbaijan on 18 April were beaten up by and police, and had to be hospitalized.

Urgent Action       EUR 55/007/2012

Amnesty International | Azerbaijan: Journalists brutally ...
18 April 2012

A violent assault on journalists who tried to film illegal house demolitions on the outskirts of Azerbaijan's capital Baku on Wednesday must be thoroughly ...

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