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Enforced disappearances still an appalling reality in the ...
29 August 2013

Enforced disappearances in the Americas are not only an inheritance of the dark past of the authoritarian governments of the 1970s and 80s, but also ...


Mexico: Stop enforced disappearance by Mexican navy
16 August 2013

A man illegally detained by Mexican marines on 3 August 2013 has not been seen since. Navy officials deny detaining him. He is the fourth person to ...

Urgent Action       AMR 41/050/2013

Mexico: Marines abduct adult and two children
13 August 2013

Three people, two of them children, were detained by Mexican marines in the northern city of Nuevo Laredo in late July and have not been seen since ...

Urgent Action       AMR 41/048/2013

Mexico: Investigation needed after police intimidation
2 August 2013

Police have intimidated and threatened a migrants' shelter in Tapachula, Chiapas State, South West México. The lives of staff, migrants and volunteers ...

Urgent Action       AMR 41/045/2013

Suggested recommendations to States considered in the 17th ...
31 July 2013

In this document Amnesty International makes recommendations to the governments of different states about ratification of international human rights ...

Report       IOR 41/012/2013

Mexico: Human rights defender killed, family at risk
25 July 2013

A human rights defender has been abducted and killed in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. His family and at least one of his colleagues are at risk ...

Urgent Action       AMR 41/043/2013

Mexico: Mexican human rights defender threatened
18 July 2013

A human rights defender received a threatening phone call at his home in San Francisco de Tepojaco, Mexico State on 10 July. There are fears that ...

Urgent Action       AMR 41/040/2013

Amnesty International assessment of states' implementation of ...
11 July 2013

For the 17th session of Universal Periodic Review (UPR), Amnesty International has continued to focus on the paramount importance of implementation ...

Report       IOR 41/011/2013

Wire, July/August 2013. Vol. 43, issue 004
1 July 2013

1) The Agenda 2) Up front: Learning to speak a universal language 3) Outspoken and proud 4) Brazil: A wonderful place to live 5) Guatemala's trial ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/004/2013

Mexico: Activists at risk after colleagues murdered
27 June 2013

Several political activists in Mexico are at risk after pushing for justice in regards to the recent case of the abduction and killing of three of their colleagues ...

Urgent Action       AMR 41/035/2013