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Cuba: Further information: Government critic released to await ...
1 May 2012

Government critic Andrés Carrión Álvarez has been released from prison, to await trial on trumped up charges.

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World Press Freedom Day: Repression in the digital era ...
1 May 2012

Amnesty International hears from journalists and bloggers across the world who face abuse and even imprisonment while trying to do their job.


Cuba: Prisoner freed, if gives up political activism: José Daniel ...
1 May 2012

Prisoner of conscience José Daniel Ferrer García has been released, on condition that he gives up his political activism: he has been told that if he does ...

Urgent Action       AMR 25/016/2012

Cuba: Further information: Cuban prisoner of conscience still ...
13 April 2012

Cuban government critic José Daniel Ferrer García has been detained without charge for more than 10 days. Amnesty International considers him to ...

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Cuba: Further information: Prisoners of conscience released ...
11 April 2012

Two Cuban prisoners of conscience have been released on bail to await trial on trumped-up charges arising from their joining peaceful protests.

Urgent Action       AMR 25/014/2012

Cuba: Crackdown on Cuban dissidents
4 April 2012

The authorities have arrested 43 government critics in the province of Santiago de Cuba. This is a clear attempt to crush the emerging peaceful dissident ...

Urgent Action       AMR 25/012/2012

Cuba: Cuban government detains critic
4 April 2012

A government critic has been detained, apparently without charge, for more than a week for peacefully expressing his right to freedom of expression.

Urgent Action       AMR 25/013/2012

Cuban authorities round up activists and block ...
28 March 2012

Cuban human rights activists are being targeted by authorities in a bid to silence them while Pope Benedict visits the country.


Amnesty International | Cuban authorities round up activists ...
28 March 2012

Cuban human rights activists are facing a surge in harassment in a bid to silence them during the Pope's visit, Amnesty International said.

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Sharp rise in harassment and attacks against activists and ...
22 March 2012

A new report documents a surge in harassment and detentions of dissidents in Cuba, including journalists and human rights activists, in the last year ...