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Paraguay: Urgent need for state shelters
25 November 2006

Web Action WA 46/06; AI Index AMR 45/003/2006. Start date: 25/11/06. Web Publisher Category: (eg SVAW). Paraguay. ...

Action Document       AMR 45/003/2006

Paraguay: The search for truth and justice continues
16 August 2006

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PRESS RELEASE. AI Index: AMR 45/002/2006 (Public). News Service No: 216. 17 August 2006. ...

Press Release       AMR 45/002/2006

Paraguay: Fear for safety/Death threats
20 July 2006

Community leaders Zacarías Vega and Luis Martinez were shot by members of an armed civilian patrol on 11 July. Luis Martinez was killed, and Zacarías ...

Urgent Action       AMR 45/001/2006

World Cup statistics (WEB TEXT)
8 June 2006

With the football World Cup starting this week, we have a different set of statistics: violence against women is being played out in battlefields, bedrooms ...

Report       ACT 77/010/2006

Paraguay: Fear for safety/Death threat
10 August 2005

Two nuns and a community leader from Naranjito, General Resquín District, San Pedro Department, in the north of Paraguay, received anonymous death ...

Urgent Action       AMR 45/003/2005

Paraguay: Amnesty International's concerns on human right ...
29 June 2005

In this letter to Paraguay's Minister of the Interior, Amnesty International expresses its extreme concern about news of the death of two peasants, the ...

Report       AMR 45/004/2005

Paraguay: Human rights should not be disregarded in the ...
23 February 2005

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PRESS RELEASE. AI Index: AMR 45/001/2005 (Public). News Service No: 043. 23 February 2005. ...

Press Release       AMR 45/001/2005

Amnistía Internacional Revista. Num. 70.
1 December 2004

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Newsletter       NWS 23/006/2004

Amnistía Internacional Revista. Num. 69. Octubre - Noviembre ...
30 September 2004

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Newsletter       NWS 23/005/2004

Paraguay: MERCOSUR Summit Meeting: A real social ...
15 June 2003

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. Public Statement. AI Index: AMR 45/001/2003 (Public). News Service No: 142. 16 June 2003. ...

Press Release       AMR 45/001/2003