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Writers and journalists action 1992
1 November 1991

This paper contains seven appeal cases for writers and journalists who have been threatened, imprisoned or even killed because of their professional ...

Report       ACT 78/001/1991

Accion de escritores y periodistas de 1992 (9112s)
1 November 1991

Accion de escritores y periodistas de 1992 (9112s)

Report       ACT 78/001/1991

Taiwan: Arguments for the abolition of the death penalty
31 July 1991

Executions remain at a high level in Taiwan: in 1990 a record 78 people were executed, compared to 69 in 1989. The Government of Taiwan justifies ...

Report       ASA 38/017/1991

Further information on UA 167/91 (ASA 38/07/91, 14 May) ...
20 May 1991


Urgent Action       ASA 38/009/1991

UA 167/91 - Taiwan: Arrests: Chen Cheng-ran, Liao Wei ...
13 May 1991

EXTERNAL (for general distribution)AI Index: ASA 38/07/91. Distr: UA/SC. PLEASE ORGANIZE UP TO 20 APPEALS PER SECTION. ...

Urgent Action       ASA 38/007/1991

Taiwan: death by execution takes 34 hours
31 March 1991

According to a report published in the China Post of 17 April 1991, death row prisoner Huang Chia-ching was executed and his body removed to hospital ...

Report       ASA 38/005/1991

South Korea / Taiwan: letters from prison
1 March 1991

This circular contains excerpts from a selection of letters from prisoners to Amnesty International groups. They show the encouragement and support ...

Report       ASA 25/009/1991

Death Penalty News February 1991
1 February 1991

1. 1990 a record-breaking year for abolition. 2. Abolition in Hungary - Constitutional Court ruling. 3. Japan: Forum discusses abolition. 4. Messages ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/001/1991

Taiwan: Cheung Ki-lok: Prosecutor appeals against third ...
9 November 1990

The above-named, a Hong Kong resident, has been acquitted of sedition charges on three occasions but has not been allowed to return home because ...

Report       ASA 38/017/1990

Taiwan: Executions reach record level
1 November 1990

This paper describes Amnesty International's concern about the increased use of the death penalty in Taiwan: as of 23 September, 69 people had been ...

Report       ASA 38/018/1990