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Amnesty International News Service 217/94
21 September 1994

1. Pakistan: AI urges for inquiry into "disappearance" of opposition politician.

Report       NWS 11/217/1994

Pakistan: Use and abuse of the blasphemy laws
26 July 1994

AI is concerned that a number of people facing charges of blasphemy, or convicted on such charges have been detained solely for their real or imputed ...

Report       ASA 33/008/1994

Amnesty International News Service 164/94
25 July 1994

1. China: Tiananmen dissident released.

Report       NWS 11/164/1994

Amnesty International News Service 163/94
24 July 1994

1. Pakistan blasphemy laws abused to persecute innocent victims; 2. USA: Outrageous explanation by Arkansas to justify multiple executions.

Report       NWS 11/163/1994

Semana de AI 1994: Ninos y jovenes - casos de llamamiento
30 June 1994

Semana de AI 1994: Ninos y jovenes - casos de llamamiento

Report       ACT 31/002/1994

AI Week 1994: Children and young people: cases for appeals
30 June 1994

This document contains fourteen cases of young people in various countries who have suffered human rights violations. They are: the torture of 9-year ...

Report       ACT 31/002/1994

Semaine Enfants et Jeunes 1994 d'Amnesty International: Cas ...
30 June 1994

INTERNE (à l'attention exclusive Index AI : ACT 31/02/94/F. des membres d'AI) Distr : SC/SS/PG. -----. Amnesty International. ...

Report       ACT 31/002/1994

Amnesty International News Service 136/94
26 June 1994

1. Pakistan: 91-year-old Sindhi nationalist leader GM Syed still under house arrest without trial after almost 30 months.

Report       NWS 11/136/1994

Further information on UA 137/94 (ASA 33/02/94, 6 April) ...
7 June 1994

Three people have reportedly been arrested and jailed in connection with the shooting in lahore on 5 April 1994 in which a Christian, Rehmat Masih ...

Urgent Action       ASA 33/006/1994

Amnesty International News, May 1994. Vol.24, No.5.
30 April 1994

1. Pakistan: Police ignore attacks on Ahmadiyya; 2. Israel and the Occupied Territories: Israel must conduct policing review in the wake of the Hebron ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/005/1994