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Saudi Arabia: Death penalty: Hatem Fawaz al-Zughbi al-Harbi
29 May 1996

The above, a Kuwaiti national, has been sentenced to death on murder charges and is reported to be facing execution in Saudi Arabia within the next ...

Urgent Action       MDE 23/005/1996

Saudi Arabia: Risk of execution / legal and torture concerns
27 May 1996

'Abd al-'Aziz Naser al-Mit'ham, businessman, aged 24, Riyad Suleyman Is-Haq al-Hajri, aged 24, Muslih Ali 'A'idh al-Shamrani, former state employee ...

Urgent Action       MDE 23/004/1996

Saudi Arabia: Flogging
1 April 1996

Nasir Al-Shibani, Muhammad Majed Al-Shibani: Two students of Thaqeef Secondary School in Taif have reportedly been sentenced to flogging after ...

Urgent Action       MDE 23/003/1996

Saudi Arabia: legal concern / fear of torture: Dr Abdul Rahim ...
1 April 1996

AI has received reports that the above, a consultant haematologist, has been tortured and is being held without charge incommunicado, and is at grave ...

Urgent Action       MDE 23/002/1996

Saudi Arabia: Torture / fear of torture: Muhammad Samir Said ...
4 March 1996

Muhammad Samir Said Aljabari, a senior civil servant, has reportedly been tortured in incommunicado detention in a prison in Taif. Muhammad Samir ...

Urgent Action       MDE 23/001/1996

Amnesty International News, February 1996. Vol. 26, No.2.
1 February 1996

1. Australia: Aboriginal deaths in prison reach record high (photograph of John Pat Memorial); 2. Uzbekistan: Prisoners' families often not told their relative ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/002/1996

Amnesty International News, February 1996. Vol. 26, No.2.
1 February 1996

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Newsletter       NWS 21/002/1996

The death penalty: No solution to illicit drugs
2 October 1995

This report provides compelling evidence of the futility and injustice of trying to use the death penalty to suppress drug trafficking and abuse. Some 26 ...

Report       ACT 51/002/1995

Saudi Arabia: Further information on flogging
13 September 1995

Mohammed 'Ali al-Sayyid, Egyptian national; and new names: Hamid Bin Nazal Bin Mahbub al-'Anzi, Riad Bin Kuleyb Bin Salim al-Mutay, Morris Bin ...

Urgent Action       MDE 23/007/1995

Death Penalty News September 1995
31 August 1995

1. Moratoria on executions in Albania and Moldova; 2. Mauritius abolishes death penalty, but President refuses to sign bill; 3. Poland: Abolitionist bill ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/003/1995