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Syrian activist arrested, at risk of torture
17 March 2014

Syrian pro-reform activist Amal Jamil Nasr was arrested on 2 March by men believed to be Military Intelligence agents. She has been detained ...

Urgent Action       MDE 24/013/2014

Syria: Launch of the website
14 March 2014

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. 14 March 2014. AI Index: MDE 24/012/2014. Syria: Launch of the website ...

Public Statement       MDE 24/012/2014

Amnesty International | Global call to make 3rd anniversary of ...
13 March 2014

Thousands of people to attend vigils held in more than 40 countries.

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From the field: Syrian refugees in Lebanon risk their lives for ...
12 March 2014

A growing number of Syrians living in refugee camps in Lebanon are having to risk their lives to seek medical care.


Syria: Squeezing the life out of Yarmouk: War crimes against ...
10 March 2014

Three years after popular protests drew a brutal response from the Syrian authorities, leading to internal armed conflict, a quarter of a million civilians ...

Report       MDE 24/008/2014

Syria: Arrested Syrian at risk of torture: Mahmoud Saber Sabra
7 March 2014

Syrian man Mahmoud Saber Sabra was arrested on 19 February by men in civilian clothing believed to be members of the Syrian security forces. He ...

Urgent Action       MDE 24/011/2014

Wire, March/April 2014. Vol. 44, issue 002
6 March 2014

1) The Agenda 2) Up front: Protecting people in a human rights crisis 3) My Body My Rights My Future 4) Who controls your body? 5) Nepal: Removing ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/002/2014

Syria: Kurd subjected to enforced disappearance
28 February 2014

Siveen Juma Kindi, a Kurdish postal worker in Syria, was subjected to enforced disappearance in the northern city of Qamishly, on 13 March 2012. He ...

Urgent Action       MDE 24/010/2014

Syria: Two women arrested in Syria
21 February 2014

Student Ranim Khalil Ma'touq and human rights lawyer Jihan Amin were arrested by members of the Syrian security forces on 17 February. Their current ...

Urgent Action       MDE 24/009/2014

Syria: Peaceful activists must be released
16 February 2014

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. 16 February 2014. AI Index: MDE 24/007/2014. Syria: Peaceful activists must be released. ...

Public Statement       MDE 24/007/2014