Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

Regional News

from Europe and central asia

11 December 2009
A European Court of Human Rights ruling has called for the release of Belarusian opposition activist and musician Igor Koktysh, detained in Ukraine since 2007, pending extradition to Belarus.
10 December 2009
To mark World Human Rights Day, Amnesty International spoke to three women who put their lives on the line in defence of human rights.
09 December 2009
Blog written by Talib Yakubov, the father-in-law of prisoner of conscience Azam Farmonov.
09 December 2009

Tunisian nationals Adel Ben Mabrouk and Riadh Nasseri are suspected of having committed terrorism-related crimes in Italy prior to being held at the US detention centre.

08 December 2009
The Russian authorities must stop persecuting human rights activists and instead channel their efforts into investigating those responsible for their murders.
07 December 2009
Petition delivered to world leaders as they gather at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this week.
04 December 2009

A European Court of Human Rights’ judgement said that Kamel Daoudi’s expulsion would put him at risk of incommunicado detention and torture and would be a human rights violation.

30 November 2009
Amnesty International said it deeply regrets the choice of Swiss voters to introduce a ban on the construction of minarets into the constitution. The ban takes immediate effect.
27 November 2009
Blog by youth activist Alyaksei Bondar.
27 November 2009
Blog by Belarusian youth activist Ales Charnyshou.
27 November 2009
Blog by Belarusian youth activist Mikhail Kryvau.
27 November 2009
Blog written for Amnesty International by Belarusian youth activist Tatyana Tishkevich.
27 November 2009
Belarusian youth activists sentenced to 'restricted freedom' for attending a peaceful protest have told Amnesty International how they were targeted by the authorities.
25 November 2009
A proposal initiated by members of two Swiss parties will ask Swiss voters if they wish to add the sentence "The construction of minarets is forbidden" to the Constitution.
20 November 2009
Amnesty International has learned that the Danish government has invited Sudanese President al Bashir to attend a meeting in Copenhagen on climate change in December.  
20 November 2009
Amnesty International has welcomed a decision by Russia's Constitutional Court that brings the country a step closer to abolishing the death penalty.
12 November 2009

Amnesty International has condemned the forced eviction of a community of about 400 Roma people in the Italian capital, Rome.

12 November 2009
Youth activists Emin Abdullayev and Adnan Hajizade have been sentenced to 30 and 24 months' imprisonment respectively on charges of 'hooliganism' and 'inflicting minor bodily harm'.
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