Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

Regional News

from Europe and central asia

20 January 2012

A widely respected Spanish investigative judge faces trial on charges he abused his power in an investigation into Franco-era abuses.

19 January 2012

Around 60 Somalis - including many children - have gone on hunger strike to protest their administrative detention by Ukrainian authorities.

18 January 2012

Inquiry failed to fully investigate allegations of UK involvement in torture and ill-treatment in the context of counter-terrorism operations.

17 January 2012

Court says Jordanian cleric should not be deported but accepts UK's argument that 'diplomatic assurances' can mitigate the risk of torture.

16 January 2012

New Constitution and media laws could have serious consequences for human rights in the country.

16 January 2012

The authorities ignore calls to address state officials' alleged involvement in the killing of journalist and human rights activist Hrant Dink.

06 January 2012

Two police officers suspected of responsibility for a student's death have walked free following a court hearing in Kyiv Thursday.

21 December 2011

Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson were found guilty of ‘Supporting Terrorism’ and ‘Violation of the Territorial or Political Sovereignty’ of Ethiopia.

21 December 2011

Havel led the human rights movement Charter 77, was repeatedly jailed, and adopted by Amnesty International as a prisoner of conscience.

20 December 2011

Amnesty International is calling on Ukraine to immediately establish an independent agency to investigate police abuses ahead of Euro 2012

16 December 2011

The EU should use an upcoming summit in Kyiv to pressure Ukraine to stop its epidemic of police criminality.

16 December 2011

Russian authorities must promptly investigate the murder of courageous Dagestan journalist Khadzhimurad Kamalov.

13 December 2011

Report exposes extent of identity checks by Spanish police based on ethnic and racial characteristics and the consequences for ethnic minorities.

09 December 2011

The Romanian authorities must re-open an investigation into CIA secret detention centres on its territory after new evidence of secret prisons was revealed by a German newspaper.

09 December 2011

Amnesty International were turned away from delivering a global petition to Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka, calling for an end to executions in Belarus.

07 December 2011

Since demonstrations started, there have been numerous reports of beatings of peaceful protesters by the police and denial of medical treatment.

05 December 2011

More than 300 peaceful protesters detained amid allegations of fraud in parliamentary elections.

30 November 2011

There are concerns the two men were ill-treated and forced to confess before facing a deeply flawed trial and death sentences.

29 November 2011

An illegal "Nomad Emergency" law in Italy has allowed authorities to unleash a wave of forced evictions, making hundreds of Roma families homeless in Milan.

29 November 2011

Azerbaijan's Supreme Court has upheld the conviction of activist Jabbar Savalan on politically motivated charges.

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