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The state of the world's human rights

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from Asia and the pacific

10 December 2008
Irene Khan writes about the continuing human rights issues around the world as Amnesty International celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Hu
09 December 2008
A key figure in the defence of human rights in Thailand for 25 years, Somchai Homlaor is the President of the Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF), an NGO that organizes
05 December 2008
The Thai government, its proxies and anti-government groups should now make commitments to ending human rights abuses,  according to a joint statement by Amnest
03 December 2008
Wo Weihan, a 59-year-old medical scientist who was found guilty of spying for Taiwan, was executed in China on Friday. His daughters and his son-in-law describe how
01 December 2008
The death toll following 60 hours of siege in Mumbai has officially been put at nearly 180 in various attacks.
28 November 2008
Unprecedented in their level of coordination, the attacks in Mumbai, India, targeted public places and tourist destinations, leaving a further 300 people injured.
28 November 2008
The execution of a Chinese scientist on Friday is the latest in a series of executions that are going against the global trend towards a moratorium on the death pena
24 November 2008
The Kuala Lumpur High Court acquitted a prominent migrant workers' rights activist on Monday.
20 November 2008
Around 100 soldiers, police, military police and Forestry Administration officials took part. Members of the mixed force beat and kicked many of the villagers.
19 November 2008
The humanitarian crisis in the Wanni region of north Sri Lanka is worsening as tens of thousands of families endure the monsoon season with limited food, shelter, wate
18 November 2008
The Government of Japan must accept historical responsibility and apologise to the victims of Japan’s military sexual slavery system.
17 November 2008
Ninety-two children are among a group of 158 Lao Hmong refugees who have been held under harsh conditions at a detention centre in Thailand for two years.
13 November 2008
Fourteen dissidents are sentenced to 65 years' imprisonment each, as Myanmar's military government ignores calls by the international community to clean up its human
13 November 2008
The Afghan government executed nine people last week. President Hamid Karzai has recently approved death sentences for at least another 111.
07 November 2008
Judge rules that the arrest of Raja Petra Kamarudin, under the Internal Security Act, was unconstitutional.
03 November 2008
Pakistan is still suffering from the abusive policies put in place one year ago Monday, when General Pervez Musharraf unlawfully declared a state of emergency.
03 November 2008
The UN Human Rights Committee has called on the Government of the Japan to restore dignity to the survivors of Japan’s military sexual slavery system.
31 October 2008
Three men convicted of involvement in the 2002 Bali nightclub bombings, which killed 202 people and injured a further 209, are to be executed in early November.
29 October 2008
The executions of Michitoshi Kuma and Masahiro Takashio were the first approved by Minister of Justice Mori Eisuke since he took office in September.
24 October 2008
Imprisoned Chinese activist Hu Jia has been awarded the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought by the European Parliament.
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