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23 July 2008
The Chinese authorities say they will now not free the housing rights activist when his four-year prison sentence expires on 26 July. Amnesty International demands he
17 July 2008
Thursday 17 July marks the tenth anniversary of the Rome Statute, the treaty that led to the establishment of the International Criminal Court.
17 July 2008
Amnesty International has launched a new website for people to have their say about the human rights situation in China in the countdown to the Beijing Olympics.
15 July 2008
Amnesty International has expressed its deep concern to the prime minister of Japan about the detention of two Greenpeace activists, Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki, wh
09 July 2008
With one month until the Beijing Olympics, Amnesty International Secretary General Irene Khan writes a five-point appeal to Hu Jintao.
09 July 2008
On the eve of the anniversary of Beijing being granted the 2008 Olympics, thousands of Amnesty International supporters in over 20 locations across the world will team up with Circle Up Now to create visual representations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).
04 July 2008
Amnesty International is disappointed at the deportation from the UK of the Sri Lankan national known as Karuna, who is alleged to have committed war crimes and crim
26 June 2008
To mark the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, Amnesty International members and supporters are taking action around the world.
20 June 2008
Mohammed Jawad and Omar Khadr were under 18 at the time of their detention by the US military in Afghanistan. Their pre-trial hearings resumed this week.
06 June 2008
Amnesty International has received reports of police using excessive force against demonstrators protesting against US beef imports in South Korea.
02 June 2008
The first female judge to work at the High Court in Pakistan, Majida Razvi; a young Brighton-based Zimbabwean, Alois Mbawara; and Murat Kurnaz, released from Guant&aac
30 May 2008
Wednesday 4 June 2008 marks the nineteenth anniversary of the Chinese government's crackdown on the pro-democracy demonstrations in and around Beijing's Tiananmen Sq
19 May 2008
In an open letter, Amnesty International's Secretary General has called on ASEAN leaders to take urgent action to prevent further human rights violations in Myanmar.
14 May 2008
A series of bombings that took place in the north-western Indian city of Jaipur on Tuesday have been condemned by Amnesty International.
13 May 2008
As hold-ups continue in the supply of foreign aid to Myanmar, Asian leaders have been urged to pressure the country's military rulers into taking swift action to add
09 May 2008
In the wake of Cyclone Nargis, the government of Myanmar is deliberately impeding life-saving assistance.
02 May 2008
Sri Lanka is a conflict where journalists face unjustified restrictions on reporting and there are very few established facts.
28 April 2008
The Pakistan government must reinstate around 60 judges removed by President Pervez Musharraf under emergency law, ahead of a 30 April deadline set by the ruling coal
22 April 2008
Nepal's threat to use violence to prevent anti-China protests when the Olympic torch reaches Mount Everest has been condemned by Amnesty International.
18 April 2008
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