Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

Regional News

from Asia and the pacific

10 August 2011

A French-Vietnamese blogger who has spoken out about environmental issues, has been sentenced to three years in prison on national security charges.

10 August 2011

At least three people were killed when police fired on 500 farmers gathered to protest a pipeline bringing water to an industrial township.

08 August 2011

Aboriginal peoples’ rights to traditional lands and adequate housing are being undermined in Australia, says a new Amnesty International report.

29 July 2011

The activists, known as the E06, were arrested in relation to an electoral reform rally and held without charge for a month

28 July 2011

Chiou Ho-shun, who has been detained for 23 years, is now on death row facing execution following the rejection of his appeal by the Supreme Court

28 July 2011

A court in Serang has handed down short prison terms to twelve people for their involvement in the killing of three Ahmadis.

26 July 2011

Prominent human rights activist Father Nguyen Van Ly has been re-arrested in Viet Nam while on parole to treat serious health problems.

19 July 2011

Court upholds government decision to reject plans for the expansion of the Lanjigarh refinery finding that the project violated the country's environmental laws.

11 July 2011

Malaysia's Prime Minister should be told during his UK visit this week that Saturday's violence against peaceful protesters was unacceptable.

09 July 2011

The Malaysian authorities must immediately release hundreds of protesters arrested for taking part in a peaceful pro-reform rally in Kuala Lumpur.

08 July 2011

"Shoot on sight" is a recipe for disaster in Karachi says Amnesty International, after sectarian violence reportedly kills as many as 95.

07 July 2011

The Indian Supreme Court's decision to ban state-sponsored civil militias must be implemented immediately.

07 July 2011

Pakistani authorities must stop a rising wave of targeted killings around the country and bring to account those responsible.

05 July 2011

The Indian health minister's description of homosexuality as a "disease" encourages discrimination.

04 July 2011

Two years on from riots and mass arrests in Xinjiang, the Chinese authorities continue to silence those speaking out on abuses

30 June 2011

China's efforts to control and suppress human rights lawyers have intensified recently, according to a new Amnesty International report.

30 June 2011

More than 100 have been arrested or questioned ahead of a reform rally, with 30 now accused of "waging war against the king."

25 June 2011

Trio who had been subjected to enforced disappearance along with the Chinese artist released, but other dissidents remain in detention.

23 June 2011

Three of artist Ai Weiwei’s associates are still missing, presumed in secret detention, despite the conditional release of Ai and his cousin

22 June 2011

The artist's release on bail must not diminish the international outcry about other activists detained during this year’s ‘Jasmine’ crackdown

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