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22 December 2008
The Pentagon is working on a plan to close the Guantánamo Bay detention centre, according to a US Department of Defense official.
18 December 2008
Over one hundred countries voted overwhelmingly in favour of a second resolution on "Moratorium on the use of the death penalty" at the United Nations on T
17 December 2008
Three detainees were released on Tuesday from the Guantánamo detention camp to their homes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but three others remain.
17 December 2008
The journalist who threw his shoes at US President George W Bush is reported to have suffered various injuries after being beaten up by security officials.
16 December 2008
The authorization of “aggressive” interrogation techniques by senior US government officials has been a “direct cause of detainee abuse” in th
12 December 2008
A vote in Brazil’s Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the rights of Indigenous Peoples in the reservation of Raposa Serra do Sol on the frontier between Brazil
10 December 2008
Irene Khan writes about the continuing human rights issues around the world as Amnesty International celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Hu
09 December 2008
José Luis Urbano is the president of the Foundation for the Defence of the Right to Education (Asociación Pro-Defensa del Derecho a la Educación
05 December 2008
Those who executed and planned the massacre of 250 people in Dos Erres have never been convicted. The case has been paralysed by constant appeals, and shows no signs o
28 November 2008
The execution of a Chinese scientist on Friday is the latest in a series of executions that are going against the global trend towards a moratorium on the death pena
25 November 2008
A draft law in Colombia aiming to grant reparation to victims of the country's 40-year conflict has been called "discriminatory" by Amnesty International.
24 November 2008
Clashes between supporters of the government party and those of the opposition, have been fuelled by accusations of fraud and vote rigging during this month's election
21 November 2008
An interview with Sister Prejean, Roman Catholic nun, formidable campaigner against the death penalty and author of the Pulitzer Prize nominated book, Dead Man Walking
21 November 2008
If passed, President Evo Morales' new constitution will represent the most significant advancement of economic, social and cultural rights the country has seen in ma
20 November 2008
Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch release a joint statement, after both were verbally attacked by President Uribe, for issuing reports in October criticizi
18 November 2008
'Early action' promised on closing the detention centre at Guantánamo Bay and ensuring that the USA does not resort to torture.
11 November 2008
Five human rights groups urged governments to accept into their countries, those detainees who will not be charged with any crime but who cannot be returned to their
10 November 2008
If approved, the bill would grant amnesty to members of the military and police involved in any violations of human rights.
07 November 2008
Amnesty International’s Secretary General Irene Khan has issued an assessment of the human rights situation in the country and a set of recommendations address
05 November 2008
Amnesty International is calling on US president elect Barack Obama to take concrete steps to demonstrate commitment to human rights.
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