Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

Regional News

from Americas

15 January 2010
Amnesty International called on the UN to put in place measures for the protection of human rights and the most vulnerable among the survivors of devastating earthquake.
11 January 2010

Leading human rights organizations have urged more European states to accept detainees held at the US detention centre at Guantánamo who cannot be returned to their countries of origin.

06 January 2010
Josefina Reyes, a campaigner against violence and human rights abuses by military officials, was killed near Ciudad Juarez on Sunday.
06 January 2010
Ricardo Ucán Ceca served almost 10 years of a 22-year sentence before he was released last month.
05 January 2010
Ramiro Rivera and Dora Alicia Recinos Sorto were killed in December. They both opposed mining projects in the central Cabañas area.
23 December 2009
15 December 2009
Walter Trochez was shot in the chest by a drive-by gunman on Sunday night while walking home through the centre of Tegucigalpa.
11 December 2009
People living on the land in Chihuahua State, northern Mexico, have been intimidated and attacked for six years. Last week, a woman was shot and injured at her home.
09 December 2009

Tunisian nationals Adel Ben Mabrouk and Riadh Nasseri are suspected of having committed terrorism-related crimes in Italy prior to being held at the US detention centre.

07 December 2009
Leonor Martínez has been subjected to violence and received death threats for her work with a civil society group.
04 December 2009
An Amnesty International delegation in Honduras talked to human rights activists about the hidden crisis affecting the Central American nation.
03 December 2009
Amnesty International's delegation has documented many cases of abuse including killings following excessive use of force, arbitrary arrests of demonstrators by security forces and indiscriminate, unnecessary use of tear gas.
30 November 2009
Amnesty International said that it was deeply worried about the safety of victims of and witnesses to a shooting at a military blockade that took place in Tegucigalpa.
27 November 2009

An Amnesty International delegation in Honduras monitoring the human rights situation around the presidential elections, has seen evidence suggesting an increased risk of excessive force by security forces.

20 November 2009
Chinese authorities must stop the harassment and arbitrary detention of dozens of human rights lawyers and activists who were targeted during US President Obama’s visit.
20 November 2009
18 November 2009
President Barack Obama has acknowledged that his administration will not meet his deadline for the closure of the military facility in Cuba.
13 November 2009
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