Romania: Betrayal of Romani families in Baia Mare places them at ongoing risk of housing insecurity and other human rights violations

8 October 2012

Betrayal of Romani families in Baia Mare places them at ongoing risk of housing insecurity and other human rights violations

Italy's discriminatory treatment of the Roma breaches EU Race Equality Directive: Briefing to the European Commission

5 September 2012

Amnesty International is submitting this briefing for consideration by the European Commission to review whether Italy should be the subject of infringement proceedings under the Race Equality Directive for its discriminatory treatment of the Roma in relation to their right to adequate housing and related due process and other guarantees.

Albania must suspend discriminatory measures against Roma

1 August 2012

Amnesty International is concerned at potential violations of Roma families’ right to earn a living caused by local authorities in Tirana prohibiting them from collecting recyclable waste.

Montenegro: Demand housing for families following fire

27 July 2012

On 24 July 2012, more than 800 Roma and Ashkali people displaced from Kosovo had their homes and possessions destroyed following a fire at their settlement in the outskirts of Montenegro’s capital, Podgorica. Amnesty International is calling on the authorities to immediately provide them with adequate alternative accommodation.

Romania: Forced eviction of Roma and alleged collusion in US-led rendition and secret detention programmes: Amnesty International Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review, January-February 2013

1 July 2012

In this submission, Amnesty International assesses progress made by Romania in implementing recommendations it accepted during its previous UPR, in particular recommendations on discrimination against Roma.

Romania: Authorities of Baia Mare should not relocate Roma in inadequate housing

7 June 2012

Today, 30 NGOs are protesting in Bucharest against the ongoing relocation of dozens of Roma families in Baia Mare into inadequate housing conditions. Amnesty International shares the concerns of the NGOs and calls on the local and national authorities to take immediate action to ensure that any resettlement is preceded by a genuine consultation with the Romani families and it meets international standards binding Romania.

Romania: Roma relocated to live in unsafe old office

22 May 2012

Between 11 and 13 May, 70 Romani families were moved from their homes in the informal settlement of Craica in Baia Mare, northwestern Romania, to an inadequate and unsafe old office building. Remaining Romani residents are being pressured to move into similar buildings, through threats and intimidation by self-proclaimed representatives of the communities.

Romania: Roma in Baia Mare face threat of forced eviction and harassment

10 May 2012

Amnesty International and Bucharest-based organization Romani CRISS are deeply concerned at the threat of forced eviction of Roma from settlements in Baia Mare, in north-western Romania. Representatives of the two organizations visited the city this week to assess the situation following news reports that the relocation of Romani families from the settlements of Craica and Pirita would commence this week.

Unsafe foundations: Secure the right to housing in Romania

8 May 2012

Romania does not effectively respect, protect and fulfil the right to adequate housing for all its citizens, either in law or practice.

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