Counting the civilian cost of the Georgia-Russia conflict

18 November 2008

The five-day war between Georgia and the Russian Federation has had serious and lasting consequences for the civilian population caught in the crossfire.

Ugandan government must establish reparations programme for war victims

17 November 2008

Widespread human rights violations were committed during northern Uganda's 20-year conflict between the Government of Uganda's armed forces and the Lord's Resistance A

There’s no pride in silence: domestic and sexual violence against women in Armenia

13 November 2008

National surveys suggest that more than a quarter of women in Armenia have faced physical violence at the hands of husbands or other family members.

Millions at risk in Somalia as attacks on aid workers escalate

6 November 2008

At least 40 humanitarian and human rights workers have been killed so far this year, forcing aid organizations to suspend their programmes and withdraw staff.

Zimbabwe's victims of violence can no longer wait for political solution

31 October 2008

Amnesty International's new report graphically demonstrates the ongoing suffering of the Zimbabwean people, as the three main political parties struggle to form an i

Isolated and abused: women migrant domestic workers in Jordan

30 October 2008

The human cost of armed conflict in the Philippines

29 October 2008

While in Mindanao gathering first hand information for a new report, Amnesty International spoke to some of the civilians affected by the recent upsurge in violence in

More face abuse and death as Colombia's government denies human rights situation

28 October 2008

Authorities try to paint a positive picture despite increasing reports of forced internal displacement, attacks against social and human rights activists and killings

Poverty and the death penalty in Nigeria

21 October 2008

Hundreds of people on death row did not have a fair trial and may be innocent. Amnesty International's new report calls for an immediate moratorium on the death penalt

Saudi Arabia executions disproportionately target foreign nationals

14 October 2008

The government of Saudi Arabia executes an average of more than two people a week - almost half are foreign nationals from poor and developing countries.

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