Accountability for human rights violations key to normalization in North Caucasus

1 July 2009

There can be no stability and security for the people of the North Caucasus without an end to human rights violations and full accountability, says a new Amnesty Inter

Oil industry has brought poverty and pollution to Niger Delta

30 June 2009

The oil industry in the Niger Delta of Nigeria has brought impoverishment, conflict, human rights abuses and despair to the majority of people in the oil-producing are

Two million people live in a human rights black hole in the slums of Nairobi

12 June 2009

Successive Kenyan governments have failed to protect slum dwellers and generations of neglect by politicians has allowed such informal settlements to swell, according

Injustice fuels Sri Lanka's cycle of abuse and impunity

11 June 2009

Amnesty International has accused the Sri Lankan government of trapping the country in a vicious cycle of abuse and impunity.

Nearly 2,000 people missing ten years after Kosovo conflict

10 June 2009

A decade after the Kosovo conflict ended, around 1,900 families across Kosovo and Serbia still have no details about the fate or whereabouts of their missing relativ

Lebanon's elections should pave the way for human rights improvements

7 May 2009

A new five-point human rights agenda for Lebanon, published by Amnesty International in the run-up to the country's elections, urges its politicians to place human rig

Mixed messages from President Obama after 100 days

29 April 2009

100 days after taking office, President Obama's record in terms of US counter terrorism policies has been assessed in a new Amnesty International report.

Turkey fails to protect asylum-seekers

22 April 2009

The Turkish government's disregard for international law is shown by its persistence in forcibly returning people to countries where their lives may be at risk.

Security forces above the law in Iraqi Kurdistan

14 April 2009

Security forces in Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan Region operate outside the rule of law and regularly abuse their authority.

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