Amnesty International issues human rights plan for Honduras

28 January 2010

The organization has issued 13 recommendations to newly elected Honduran President Porfirio Lobo to repair the damage done to human rights since the June 2009 coup d'état.

Pregnant women in Burkina Faso dying because of discrimination

27 January 2010

A new Amnesty International report details how many maternal deaths could be prevented if women were given access on time to adequate health care.

Romania must end forced evictions of Roma families

26 January 2010

Due to a lack of adequate alternative housing, Roma families have been living for years next to waste dumps or sewage treatment plants.

Treated like waste: Roma homes destroyed, and health at risk, in Romania

26 January 2010

About 75 Roma people, including children, have been living in metal cabins and shacks next to a sewage treatment plant since 2004.

Controls on military assistance to Somalia must be tightened

21 January 2010

Arms transfers should be suspended until there are adequate safeguards to prevent weapons from being used to commit war crimes and human rights abuses, says Amnesty International.

Human rights activists in Mexico under attack

21 January 2010

Amnesty International's new report details how activists have suffered killings, attacks, harassment, threats and imprisonment to prevent them from doing their work.

Czech Republic must eliminate second-rate education for Roma

13 January 2010

A new Amnesty International report says that the authorities are continuing to place Romani children in schools for pupils with "mild mental disabilities".

Morocco must adequately tackle legacy of human rights abuses

13 January 2010

Moroccan authorities have failed to deliver on their promises to tackle the legacy of gross human rights violations committed in Morocco and Western Sahara between 1956 and 1999, Amnesty International said ahead of a report to be published on the issue.

Injustice renamed: Discrimination in education of Roma persists in the Czech Republic

31 December 2009

In this report Amnesty International is calling upon the government of the Czech Republic to show leadership and direction to reverse racial discrimination in education and address grave violations of the right to education for Romani children.

End injustice: Elementary schools still fail Romani children in the Czech Republic

30 December 2009

Romani children in the Czech Republic are denied the right to an education free from discrimination.

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