France urged to end stigmatization of Roma and Travellers

26 August 2010

Amnesty International today expressed deep concern about recent statements and measures taken by the French authorities that appear to target Roma and Travellers. The organization is troubled that some Roma are being returned from France to their countries of origin in a context of statements by the French government suggesting links between Roma and criminality.

Yemen abandons human rights in the name of countering terrorism

25 August 2010

The Yemeni authorities must stop sacrificing human rights in the name of security as they confront threats from al-Qa’ida, Zaidi Shi'a rebels in the north, and address growing demands for secession in the south.

UK violates rights of terror suspects with ‘unfair’ control orders

12 August 2010

Amnesty International accuses the UK government of developing a "shadow justice system" that imposes severe restrictions on the rights of individuals suspected of terrorism-related activity.

Slovak government commits to end segregated education

11 August 2010

Following yesterday’s approval by the Slovak National Assembly of the new coalition government’s programme for the next four years in office, Amnesty International welcomes the stated commitment to adopt measures to eliminate segregation in education on the basis of ethnic origin.

Georgian government must secure future for displaced

4 August 2010

A new Amnesty International report documents how thousands of people displaced during past conflicts in Georgia struggle to access basic services.

Greece must stop treating migrants as criminals

27 July 2010

A new Amnesty International report details the poor treatment and living conditions faced by thousands of irregular migrants and asylum-seekers detained in the country each year.

Journalists under attack in Somalia as government steps up media crackdown

22 July 2010

Amnesty International has called on Somali authorities and armed opposition groups in the country to respect freedom of expression amid a growing government crackdown on independent journalism.

States failing to control movement of weapons to human rights abusers

19 July 2010

A new Amnesty International report, shows how transport companies are able to move conventional weapons and munitions to countries where they could be used to commit rights violations and war crimes.

Sudanese security service carries out brutal campaign against opponents

19 July 2010

A new Amnesty International report details the arbitrary detention, torture, and mental and physical intimidation of opponents and critics of the government.

Deadly Movements: Transportation Controls in the Arms Trade Treaty

19 July 2010

The proposed Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) should be designed to prevent unauthorised or irresponsible international transfers of weapons, munitions and related equipment internationally. This briefing note explains that inadequate regulation of arms transportation is a global problem, not confined to jurisdictions with weak arms transfer controls. The Arms Trade Treaty provides a critical opportunity to define high common international standards to address the adequate regulation of the physical movement of conventional arms.

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