Crisis in Gaza - background

Palestinians hold candles as they march during demonstration against Israeli fuel cut, Gaza City, 19 Nov 2008

Palestinians hold candles as they march during demonstration against Israeli fuel cut, Gaza City, 19 Nov 2008

© AP Photo/Adel Hana

Background information:

Israeli army used flechettes against Gaza civilians (News, 27 January 2009)
Gaza returning to 'normality' in the face of destruction and anxiety (News, 26 January 2009)
Israel must disclose weapons used in Gaza (News, 26 January 2009)
Israeli soldiers leave Gaza homes in devastated condition (News, 23 January 2009)
Lives lost, lives destroyed in Gaza (News, 22 January 2009)
Amnesty International team talks to Gaza survivors (News, 21 January 2009)
Amnesty International team reports from the rubble of Gaza (News, 20 January 2009)
Israel used white phosphorus in Gaza civilian areas (News, 19 January 2009)
Amnesty International team gains access to Gaza (News, 19 January 2009)
Shelling of UN compound must be investigated (News, 15 January 2009)
Israeli army shells UN compound (News, 15 January 2009)
Growing calls for investigations and accountability in Gaza conflict (News, 14 January 2009)
Firm action urged to ensure accountability in Gaza conflict (News, 12 January 2009)
Oral Statement to the UN Human Rights Council on the situation in Gaza
(12 January 2009)
Firmer European voice needed to unblock humanitarian crisis in the Middle East (News, 8 January 2009)
Gaza civilians endangered by the military tactics of both sides (News, 8 January 2009)
UN Human Rights Council must assist civilians caught in Gaza conflict (Public Statement, 8 January 2009)
Health services in Gaza - a worsening situation (Health Professional Action, 8 January 2009)
Amnesty International calls for an immediate humanitarian truce in Gaza (News, 7 January 2009)
UN Security Council must not fail civilians caught in Gaza conflict (Press Release, 5 January 2009)
Israel/OPT: Immediate access to humanitarian workers and observers essential (News, 31 December 2008)
End unlawful attacks and meet Gaza's emergency needs (News, 29 December 2008)
Civilians must be protected in Gaza and Israel (News, 28 December 2008)
Gaza reduced to bare survival (News, 5 December 2008)
Israeli army relaxes restrictions on humanitarian aid to Gaza (News, 17 November 2008)
Israeli army blocks deliveries to Gaza (News, 14 November 2008)
Gaza ceasefire at risk (News, 5 November 2008)
Trapped – collective punishment in Gaza (Feature, 27 August 2008)
Army's so-called inquiry into cameraman's killing in Gaza a scandal (News, 15 August 2008)
Call for investigation into killing of cameraman and other civilians (News, 18 April 2008)
Children and civilian bystanders in Gaza death toll (News, 3 March 2008)
Gazans cut off after Egypt seals border (News, 6 February 2008)
Egypt blocks Gazans' access to the outside world (News, 31 January 2008)
Gaza must not be cut off from the world (25 January 2008)
Israel cuts electricity and food supplies to Gaza (21 January 2008)
Hundreds killed in Gaza Strip violence (24 October 2007)

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