Finland must further investigate USA rendition flights

1 November 2011

A number of planes linked to the CIA’s rendition programme landed in Finland between 2001 and 2006.

Saif Gaddafi must be transferred safely to ICC

28 October 2011

Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi must be allowed to surrender to the International Criminal Court to face investigation for crimes against humanity.

Japan: Minister must not cave in to pressure on death penalty

28 October 2011

Japan's justice minister says he will sign execution warrants, despite announcing last month he would not back the death penalty.

Rendition victim takes case against Lithuania to European Court

27 October 2011

Lithuania's failure to investigate its role in the US-led rendition programme has forced an alleged victim of secret detention to take his case to the European Court of Human Rights.

International Criminal Court: Ensure best candidate is elected as new Prosecutor

25 October 2011

A transparent, public process should lead to the election of the strongest candidate as the new ICC Prosecutor.

Serbian activists arrested for protecting evicted Roma family

25 October 2011

Human rights defenders peacefully attempted to prevent police evicting Mevljude Kurteshi and her six children from their apartment.

Lithuania blocking the truth about CIA Secret Prisons

21 October 2011

The Lithuanian authorities have yet to investigate a significant amount of information linked to CIA secret prisons in the country.

Libya urged to investigate whether al-Gaddafi death was a war crime

21 October 2011

Video evidence and conflicting reports raise questions about how the former Libyan leader died after his capture.

Yemen: No immunity for serious violations under President Saleh

17 October 2011

Those responsible for committing serious crimes under international law in Yemen must be brought to justice.

Malawi must arrest Sudan’s al-Bashir during visit

13 October 2011

Al-Bashir is due in Malawi for a trade summit, despite warrants for his arrest on charges of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Yemeni women attacked while celebrating Nobel Peace Prize win

10 October 2011

Pro-government "thugs" attacked a peaceful women's march in the Yemeni city of Ta'izz, called to celebrate a Yemeni woman's Nobel Peace Prize.

Saudi Arabia executes eight Bangladeshi nationals

7 October 2011

Saudi Arabia has executed eight Bangladeshi migrant workers, sentenced to death for the alleged murder of an Egyptian man.

Nobel Peace Prize recognizes struggle for women’s rights

7 October 2011

The 2011 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkol Karman.

Paraguay to restore Indigenous community’s ancestral lands

29 September 2011

After many years of campaigning, an Indigenous community in Paraguay is closer to moving back to their traditional lands.

Cameroon: End ‘discriminatory’ anti-gay laws

26 September 2011

Cameroon must release all individuals held under a discriminatory law that criminalizes consensual same-sex relations.

Uganda’s amnesty for LRA commander a ‘setback’ for justice

23 September 2011

Former LRA commander Thomas Kwoyelo, charged with 53 counts of murder, has been granted amnesty by a Ugandan court.

US executes death row prisoner Troy Davis

21 September 2011

Death row prisoner Troy Davis has been executed in the state of Georgia despite serious doubts surrounding his conviction

Iran executes teenager accused of killing “Iran’s strongest man”

21 September 2011

A 17-year old, who claimed he acted in self-defence when he stabbed a popular athlete, has been publicly hanged.

Release of US hikers in Iran a "long overdue" step

21 September 2011

Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal were arrested while hiking in the Iraq-Iran border area in 2009 and recently sentenced to eight years for "espionage".

Teenager accused of killing “Iran’s strongest man” set to be hanged

20 September 2011

An Iranian teenager set to be executed for the killing of an athlete says he acted in self-defence.

Saudi Arabia executes man convicted of "sorcery"

20 September 2011

Government urged to establish an immediate moratorium on executions in the kingdom after a Sudanese national was put to death this week.

Clemency for US death row prisoner Troy Davis denied

20 September 2011

The refusal to grant clemency for deathrow prisoner Troy Davis is a huge setback for human rights in the USA.

North Africa’s refugees suffer pattern of displacement

20 September 2011

In the wake of conflict in Libya, thousands of refugees have yet again been forced to flee. They are now stuck in limbo in Egypt and Tunisia.

USA: Clock ticks on Troy Davis execution

16 September 2011

Troy Davis, who was sentenced to death in 1991 for the murder of a police officer, is due to have a clemency hearing on Monday.

China must halt execution of Pakistan national

16 September 2011

Beijing urged to show clemency to Syed Zahid Hussain Shah, who is due to be executed next week.

Saudi activist defiant in face of state intimidation

14 September 2011

A Saudi human rights activist taken to court after calling for reforms says he will continue to speak out against repression.

Libya’s neighbours must not shield al-Gaddafi from prosecution

8 September 2011

No country should provide a safe haven to Colonel al-Gaddafi or other Libyan officials suspected of committing crimes under international law.

NATO halts Afghanistan detainee transfers after torture claims

7 September 2011

NATO's decision to end detainee transfers to Afghan prisons highlights the international forces' failure to boost the rule of law in Afghanistan.

USA: Victim turned activist reflects on landmark domestic violence decision

2 September 2011

One woman describes how her daughters' killings led her to advocate for better protection from domestic violence in the USA.

Mexico’s strategy to protect migrants fails to have impact

30 August 2011

The Mexican government’s strategy on migrants has failed to tackle the alarming numbers of Central American migrants being kidnapped.

Libya: Pursuing al-Gaddafi – the legal questions answered

25 August 2011

Legal question answered about the pending ICC investigation into Libya's Colonel al-Gaddafi for alleged war crimes.

Peruvian Congress unanimously passes Indigenous consultation law

25 August 2011

A landmark law in Peru will mandate government consultations with Indigenous Peoples before large-scale development projects can continue.

Angola to forcibly evict hundreds of families

22 August 2011

Some 750 families in Angola's southern city of Lubango have been ordered to leave their homes to make way for a new road.

UK: Irish Travellers could face forced eviction

22 August 2011

A planned forced eviction would push up to 86 Irish Traveller families off land they own in Essex, UK, leaving them homeless.

Benin closer to abolishing the death penalty

19 August 2011

Benin is about to abolish the death penalty, joining countries worldwide that have ratified a treaty to end capital punishment.

UN finds Brazil failed to prevent pregnant woman’s death

19 August 2011

A landmark UN decision has found that Brazil discriminated against a pregnant Afro-descendant woman and failed to prevent her death.

Philippines: Senate should vote to join International Criminal Court

17 August 2011

The Philippines' Senate is set to vote on joining the International Criminal Court on Monday.

Mexico: Indigenous women win first step in fight over military rape case

17 August 2011

In a legal precedent for Mexico, two Indigenous women raped by soldiers in 2002 have had their cases moved to the civilian justice system.

Serbia: Forced eviction leaves Roma families homeless

12 August 2011

Serbian officials allow another forced eviction of Roma family in Belgrade

Activist's office targeted in Azerbaijan demolitions

12 August 2011

An Azerbaijani human rights activist who spoke out against illegal house demolitions has had her office razed to the ground.

Traditional Indigenous communities abandoned by government in Australia

8 August 2011

Aboriginal peoples’ rights to traditional lands and adequate housing are being undermined in Australia, says a new Amnesty International report.

Nigeria: UN urges Shell to overhaul oil clean-up process in Niger Delta

5 August 2011

A new UN report on oil pollution in the Niger Delta says Shell's procedures for cleaning up spillages are inadequate.

UK torture inquiry "secretive and deeply flawed"

4 August 2011

The inquiry into the UK government's alleged involvement in torture will let down those that may have suffered abuse.

Guatemalan former soldiers sentenced to 6,060 years for massacre

3 August 2011

A landmark court ruling in Guatemala sentences four soldiers for their involvement in a bloody massacre in Dos Erres village in 1982.

Q&A: Accountability in Tunisia and Egypt

2 August 2011

The former leaders of Tunisia and Egypt, both ousted in popular uprisings in recent months, are facing criminal trials for abuse of power.

Israel sues Bedouin villagers for cost of repeated evictions

29 July 2011

Israel has repeatedly razed a Bedouin village over the past year and is now suing the villagers to pay for the cost of the demolitions.

Execution of Belarus death row prisoner confirmed

26 July 2011

The execution of Andrei Burdyka, who was convicted of assault and murder, will not provide real justice to the victims of such crimes.

Veteran activist's demands reflect new Syria

26 July 2011

Released after five years in prison, prominent human rights lawyer Anwar al-Bunni is finally being acknowledged by fellow Syrians.

Amnesty International website ‘blocked in Saudi Arabia’

25 July 2011

Amnesty International's website has been blocked inside Saudi Arabia after the organization published criticism of a draft "anti-terror" law.

Hundreds of Haitian families evicted from earthquake camp

22 July 2011

Authorities in Haiti's capital have forcibly evicted hundreds of families from a makeshift camp formed after last year's devastating earthquake.

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