UK plans for secret courts 'dangerous'

9 May 2012

Proposed legal changes could result in information and evidence of human rights violations by UK state representatives being kept secret.

Singapore authorities urged to save Malaysian man from execution

9 May 2012

Yong Vui Kong, who was 19 when he was first arrested for possessing 47g of heroin in 2007, faces imminent execution.

Serbia: Hundreds of families face uncertainty after Belvil eviction

26 April 2012

Some 250 Roma families were forcibly evicted from Belgrade's Belvil settlement despite a lack of proper consultation.

Speaking up from the slums

24 April 2012

An radio project in Ghana and Kenya aims to challenge public perceptions of people living in slums and give inhabitants a platform to tell their stories

Amnesty International’s efforts to ensure the arrest of Bosco Ntaganda

19 April 2012

Amnesty International is calling on the DRC to arrest Bosco Ntaganda and hand him over to the ICC to face trial without further delay.

Libyan rendition case shows it’s time for UK to come clean

18 April 2012

A Libyan man subjected to rendition in 2004 has filed a civil claim against former UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and other officials.

Kuwait’s Parliament must halt plans to introduce death penalty for blasphemy

17 April 2012

Legislators in Kuwait are due to vote on draft legislation that would make blasphemy a crime punishable by death.

Pakistan must account for missing victims of enforced disappearance

16 April 2012

Pakistan is urged to end secret detention and reveal the fate of hundreds of disappeared people believed abducted and held by security agencies.

Libya must respect ICC call to surrender Saif al-Islam

5 April 2012

The ICC's decision ordering Libya to surrender Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi immediately is a step forward for justice and accountability.

Vote to Remove Death Penalty in Connecticut shows ‘great leadership’

5 April 2012

Connecticut’s State Senate has voted to abolish the death penalty, joining a worldwide trend away from capital punishment.

Japan executions a 'retrograde step'

29 March 2012

Japan has hanged three men in the country's first executions in almost two years, joining the minority of countries worldwide that are still executing.

EU countries must investigate complicity in CIA renditions

27 March 2012

Government's urged to act as European Parliament prepares report on the illegal transfer, disappearance, and torture of detainees.

Death penalty 2011: Alarming levels of executions in the few countries that kill

27 March 2012

Amnesty International's report also finds that the number of countries using capital punishment has decreased by over a third in a decade.

Kenya slum fires demonstrate need to ensure housing rights

23 March 2012

Fires in the Nairobi slums of Kibera and Mathare have claimed the lives of three people and destroyed up to 700 homes.

‘Don’t let those who kill turn us into murderers’

27 March 2012

The son of a US murder victim reflects on the struggle to end the death penalty.

Mauritania: Transfer former Libyan intelligence chief to the ICC

19 March 2012

Abdullah al-Senussi, Libya's former intelligence chief, must be turned over to the ICC without delay following his arrest in Mauritania.

Belarus must release bodies of convicts executed over Minsk metro bombing

19 March 2012

Two men convicted of carrying out a deadly metro bombing last year in Minsk have been executed following an unfair trial.

Libya: Civilian deaths from NATO airstrikes must be properly investigated

19 March 2012

A new report documents how scores of Libyan civilians not involved in the fighting were killed and injured, most in their homes, as a result of NATO airstrikes.

Tanzania must end HIV ‘red ribbon’ stigma in schools

16 March 2012

Several Tanzanian schools have forced HIV-positive pupils to wear red ribbons to class, claiming it excuses them from strenuous activities.

Human rights in Guatemala under scrutiny by UN

16 March 2012

Serious concerns remain in Guatemala as the UN Human Rights Committee is due to evaluate the country's human rights performance.

Clinton must reveal final recipient of military cargo

15 March 2012

The US Navy says a cargo of weapons with explosives en route to Port Said will not be offloaded in any Egyptian port.

Halt ships of shame from the USA carrying weapons to Egypt

15 March 2012

A ship en route from the USA to Egypt is carrying arms which could be used by Egyptian security forces to commit human rights violations.

Guatemala: Fifth former soldier convicted over role in Dos Erres massacre

14 March 2012

Pedro Pimentel Ríos is the fifth former soldier in Guatemala to be convicted for his role in the 1982  killings of more than 250 people in a rural village.

Landmark ICC verdict over use of child soldiers

14 March 2012

In its landmark first verdict, the International Criminal Court convicted Thomas Lubanga Dyilo for the war crime of using child soldiers in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Saudi Arabia: At least six men held for a year for intending to protest

9 March 2012

A year after a planned "Day of Rage" demonstration in Riyadh, at least six men are languishing in jail for their involvement in the event.

Women’s Day: Taking a stand with women in the Middle East

6 March 2012

On International Women's Day, Amnesty International supports the courageous women fighting for human rights in the Middle East and North Africa.

Paraguay: Land dispute victory for displaced indigenous community

3 February 2012

After a two-decade legal battle, the Yakye Axa indigenous community in Paraguay can finally move away from a precarious roadside camp.

Blog: Maldives security forces assault women protesters

29 February 2012

Women in the Maldives describe how security forces violently suppressed their protest against the new president.

Spain: Ruling on Baltasar Garzón is good news, but crimes remain untackled

27 February 2012

The well-known Spanish investigating judge Baltasar Garzón has been cleared of charges of abuse of power, but crimes remain unpunished.

Poland must investigate state role in US secret prisons

24 February 2012

An investigation into Poland's role in the US-run rendition and secret detention programmes has lacked transparency.

Afghans fleeing war find misery in urban slums

23 February 2012

Afghan authorities have failed to help some 500,000 displaced people who are struggling to survive in Kabul slums, a new Amnesty report says.

Arms trade talks: Political chess games at UN risk millions of lives

17 February 2012

A small group of countries wants to effectively secure a veto over any global Arms Trade Treaty, while others are attempting to water down human rights safeguards.

IOC rejection of Dow concerns leaving toxic legacy for London 2012

16 February 2012

The organizers of the London 2012 Olympics have rejected a call to terminate Dow Chemicals' sponsorship of the Games.

Saudi Arabia urged to spare lives of foreign nationals amid surge in executions

15 February 2012

Three foreign nationals convicted of smuggling or possessing drugs risk being put to death at any time amid a recent surge in executions.

China urged to avoid forced repatriation of 21 North Koreans

14 February 2012

Some 21 North Koreans in China face expulsion to North Korea after being caught illegally in the country.

UN: Key talks open on treaty to end arms flow to atrocities

13 February 2012

Talks are under way at the UN to agree a comprehensive treaty to regulate the global arms trade, due to be finalized later this year.

Urgent plan needed to tackle housing crisis in Haiti

10 February 2012

The death of a child amid a fire at an earthquake survivors' camp in Haiti highlights the authorities' need to resolve the dire housing crisis.

Panama: Protester deaths need proper investigation

8 February 2012

Two activists in Panama have been killed in clashes between security forces and the Ngäbe-Buglé people during anti-mining protests.

Israel: Cancel plan to forcibly displace Jahalin Bedouin communities

8 February 2012

A new report by Amnesty International urges the Israeli military to end demolitions displacing thousands of Bedouins in the West Bank.

Chad: Hundreds of families forcibly evicted from their homes

7 February 2012

Chadian authorities forcibly evicted more than 670 people from their homes to make way for a hotel in the capital N'Djamena.

Cambodia: Khmer Rouge judgment welcome, but raises human rights concerns

3 February 2012

A UN-backed tribunal has given former Khmer Rouge jailer "Duch" a life sentence for the killings of more than 12,272 people.

UN court ruling on Nazi war crime victims ‘a setback for rights’

3 February 2012

An ICJ ruling breaches the human rights of foreign victims of Nazi war crimes by giving Germany legal immunity from being sued for reparations.

Cambodia: Stop the use of excessive force against peaceful land activists

2 February 2012

Excessive force has been used on a number of occasions against peaceful demonstrations in Cambodia calling for land rights to be respected.

South Korea must release activist charged over Kim Jong-il tweet

1 February 2012

A South Korean activist faces up to seven years in prison after re-tweeting messages from North Korea's official Twitter account.

Security Council: Russia must not block efforts to end atrocities in Syria

1 February 2012

Russia is urged not to block the UN Security Council's efforts to end human rights violations in Syria.

Guatemala: Former head of state’s trial for genocide one more step against impunity

27 January 2012

A former Guatemalan head of state will face trial on genocide charges over massacres of thousands of mostly Mayan villagers in 1982 and 1983.

Bahrain’s use of tear gas against protesters increasingly deadly

26 January 2012

The Bahraini authorities must investigate reports of more than a dozen deaths following the security forces' use of tear gas.

Mexico: Migrants making dangerous journey through Mexico ‘desperately need socks’

26 January 2012

A new Amnesty International campaign highlights the plight of thousands of Central American migrants travelling across Mexico each year.

Davos: World leaders protecting business over rights in economic crisis

24 January 2012

The economic crisis, and how governments have chosen to address it, poses a clear and unambiguous risk to rights.

Brazil must address needs of thousands left homeless following eviction

24 January 2012

Brazilian police have forcefully evicted almost 6,000 people without warning from a slum outside Sao Paulo.

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