Gambia must drop treason charges against activists

22 July 2011

Gambia has charged five activists, including including three journalists and an opposition politician, with treason.

Proposed Saudi Arabian anti-terror law would strangle peaceful protest

22 July 2011

A draft law in Saudi Arabia poses a serious threat to freedom of expression and peaceful dissent in the name of preventing terrorism.

Serbia: Final Hague war crimes suspect arrested

20 July 2011

Goran Hadžić, the only remaining suspect wanted by a Hague war crimes tribunal, was arrested today in Serbia.

Iraq urged to halt execution of former Saddam Hussain officials

18 July 2011

The five senior officials, who were transferred from US to Iraqi custody last week could be put to death within a month.

Somali refugee crisis: Kenya’s opening of camp extension only a first step

15 July 2011

Kenya and the international community should do more to assist Somali refugees in Kenya.

Nigeria urged to commute all death sentences following court judgment

11 July 2011

A Supreme Court ruling has upheld a death sentence which, if carried out, would be the first execution in Nigeria since 2006.

Senegal: Authorities must not return former Chadian president to Chad

9 July 2011

Former president Hissène Habré is to be returned to Chad, where he face the death penalty for allegedly planning to overthrow the government.

Arms trade fuels violations in Sudan conflict

8 July 2011

As countries gather for talks on a global Arms Trade Treaty, evidence has emerged about arms shipments fueling violations in Southern Kordofan.

US must reconsider closure of CIA torture cases

1 July 2011

The US Attorney General's decision to close investigations into scores of alleged torture cases is a blow to justice.

Bahrain: Investigation into rights abuses welcomed

30 June 2011

An independent commission set up to investigate alleged human rights abuses during recent protests in the country must lead to justice for victims.

Tear gas fired as Greek police clash with Athens protesters

29 June 2011

Riot police in Athens have injured many peaceful protesters by using excessive force to disperse demonstrations over the past two days.

China: Dark times for lawyers as repression intensifies

30 June 2011

China's efforts to control and suppress human rights lawyers have intensified recently, according to a new Amnesty International report.

Egypt: Military pledges to stop forced ‘virginity tests’

27 June 2011

The head of Egypt’s military intelligence has promised that the army will no longer carry out forced ‘virginity tests’, after defending their use

ICC issues arrest warrant for al-Gaddafi

27 June 2011

Colonel M’uammar al-Gaddafi and other senior Libyan government officials face trial at the ICC for alleged crimes against humanity.

Tunisia joins International Criminal Court

24 June 2011

Tunisia has joined the International Criminal Court and intends to ratify or adhere to several key human rights treaties.

Côte d’Ivoire: ICC investigation must not exclude serious crimes

23 June 2011

A proposed ICC investigation into human rights violations in Côte d’Ivoire should not be limited to recent events.

Landmark treaty adopted to protect domestic workers’ rights

17 June 2011

A new treaty sets international labour standards for tens of millions of domestic workers who have faced widespread abuses.

Landmark treaty adopted to protect domestic workers’ rights

17 June 2011

A new treaty sets international labour standards for tens of millions of domestic workers who have faced widespread abuses.

Sri Lanka must not torture rejected asylum seekers

17 June 2011

A group of rejected Sri Lankan asylum seekers, most of them Tamil, have been taken for questioning in Colombo after being forcibly returned from the UK.

Greece urged not to use excessive force during protests

16 June 2011

Greek police have reportedly used excessive amounts of teargas against protesters in a largely peaceful demonstration against government spending cuts.

China must arrest Sudanese President

16 June 2011

Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir, who is wanted for genocide and other serious abuses, is due to visit China this month.

Brazil activist appeals ‘politically motivated’ prison sentence

16 June 2011

A prominent human rights lawyer appeals a jail sentence for his role in a demonstration for land reform in Brazil.

Tamils set for UK deportation following suicide attempt

16 June 2011

A group of Sri Lankan asylum seekers facing deportation from the UK today are at risk of torture in their home country.

Q&A: Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields

14 June 2011

UK broadcaster Channel 4 is airing ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’, a harrowing documentary exposing new evidence of war crimes committed during the civil war. 

Clemency urged as Alabama execution looms

14 June 2011

Mental disability concerns and questions over possible racial discrimination lead to a call for clemency in a pending death sentence case.

Saudi Arabia: Surge in executions in recent weeks

10 June 2011

Saudi Arabia has seen a significant increase in executions in the last six weeks, with at least 27 people executed since the beginning of the year.

Angola rehouses victims of forced evictions

10 June 2011

Hundreds of people in Luanda whose homes were demolished between 2004 and 2006 are to be rehoused from September.

Hired gunmen threaten rural communities in Brazil

8 June 2011

Authorities do little to protect rural workers in Brazil who face ongoing intimidation by hired gunmen.

Argentina Indigenous community takes on eviction threat

7 June 2011

Members of an Indigenous community in north-western Argentina battle repeated attempts to forcibly evict them from their homes.

India urged to release environmental activists

3 June 2011

Indian authorities arrested two environmental activists on false charges after they led a campaign to defend local communities' rights.

Brazil urged to suspend Belo Monte dam project

2 June 2011

Brazil should have consulted with Indigenous Peoples before approving construction of a megadam on their land in the Amazon.

Egypt: Admission of forced 'virginity tests' must lead to justice

31 May 2011

A senior Egyptian general has admitted female protesters were forced to undergo ‘virginity tests’, which the government has previously denied. 

Indian executions would be blow to human rights

27 May 2011

Indian President Pratibha Patil approves the executions of two death row prisoners, according to media reports.

Serbian authorities urged to arrest all war crimes suspects as Mladic is detained

26 May 2011

Serbian authorities must renew their efforts to arrest all war crimes suspects, Amnesty International said today, after Ratko Mladic was detained.

Libya: Civilians at risk amid new mine threat

25 May 2011

The discovery of over twenty highly explosive anti-personnel mines in Misratah raises fears of more mines being discovered in the city.

Saudi Arabia urged to release woman arrested following driving campaign

24 May 2011

Saudi Arabian authorities have detained a woman who has urged other women to challenge a discriminatory driving ban.

Bahrain must commute protesters’ death sentences

23 May 2011

An appeals court in Bahrain has upheld the death sentences of two activists accused of killing police officers during anti-government protests.

Independent investigation urged into Guantánamo detainee death

19 May 2011

An independent and transparent investigation is needed into a new detainee death in the Guantánamo detention camp

Jammu and Kashmir must release or charge teenage protester

19 May 2011

Anti-government protester Murtaza Manzoor was rearrested this week after spending three months in unlawful administrative detention.

Mexico migrant find highlights grim conditions

18 May 2011

The discovery of 513 migrants being smuggled through Mexico in squalid conditions highlights the vulnerability faced by thousands.

USA: A reflection on justice

17 May 2011

Moroccan journalist set to face trial over security forces criticism

16 May 2011

Morocco is due to prosecute a newspaper editor for his criticism of the country's counter-terrorism policies.

Benelux agreement leaves Roma at risk of persecution in Kosovo

13 May 2011

Benelux must halt agreement which leaves Roma at risk of being forcibly returned.

Sharp rise in public executions as Iran executes first juvenile offenders in 2011

27 April 2011

As many as thirteen hanged in public so far this year as Iran carries out first executions of juveniles anywhere in the world in 2011.

Leaked Guantánamo files highlight need for fair trials and accountability

26 April 2011

Amnesty International renews its call on US authorities to release or give fair trials to remaining detainees after leaked files reveal fresh details about detention centre.

Croatia: Key international court ruling delivers justice to victims of war crimes

15 April 2011

A guilty verdict for two Croatian generals for crimes against humanity is a long-awaited victory for Croatia's war victims.

Malaysian man faces imminent execution in Singapore after appeal fails

5 April 2011

A young Malaysian man faces imminent hanging after his final appeal failed in Singapore

USA: U-turn on trial forum for 9/11 suspects betrays human rights

5 April 2011

Guantanamo detainee Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be tried by a military commission rather than in an ordinary federal court. 

Azerbaijan protests broken up as riot police move in

2 April 2011

Scores are detained and hundreds of riot police are deployed as "Day of Wrath" protests are targeted by the authorities.

Thorough investigation urged over Libya rape case

28 March 2011

Libyan authorities must investigate Eman al-Obeidi's rape allegations, reveal her whereabouts and guarantee her safety

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