Mongolia takes ‘vital step forward’ in abolishing the death penalty

5 January 2012

The Mongolian parliament overwhelmingly approves a bill that aims to scrap the death penalty.

Iran: Surge of secret executions for drug offences must end

15 December 2011

At least 488 people have been executed for alleged drug offences so far in 2011, a nearly threefold increase on 2009, a new Amnesty International report says.

China must end land grabs amid protests over death in custody

14 December 2011

Villagers in Wukan have been protesting what they say is the local government’s latest attempt to secretly sell off their farmland to developers.

Pakistan crime bills must be springboard for better women's rights

13 December 2011

Pakistan's Senate unanimously passes two landmark women's rights bills, including one on acid attacks.

Saudi Arabia: Beheading for 'sorcery' shocking

12 December 2011

Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry has said a woman has been beheaded for the crime of "witchcraft and sorcery."

Nepal: Protect Nepalese migrants from ‘false promises’ of work abroad

12 December 2011

Nepalese migrant workers are being trafficked by rogue recruitment agencies for forced labour in the Gulf States and Malaysia.

Over 250,000 people call on Belarus to end executions

9 December 2011

Amnesty International were turned away from delivering a global petition to Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka, calling for an end to executions in Belarus.

Romania must come clean over secret prisons

9 December 2011

The Romanian authorities must re-open an investigation into CIA secret detention centres on its territory after new evidence of secret prisons was revealed by a German newspaper.

USA repeatedly shipped arms supplies to Egyptian security forces

7 December 2011

Data obtained by Amnesty International shows that the US has repeatedly transferred ammunition to Egypt despite security forces' violent crackdown on protesters.

Asia: Stop executions and unfair trials

6 December 2011

A hardline group of Asian countries are defying the global trend against the death penalty and putting to death thousands of people after unfair trials.

Saudi Arabia: Protesters and reformists targeted in name of security

1 December 2011

Saudi Arabian authorities have been using the fight against terrorism as a pretext to crack down on dissent.

Belarus: Two sentenced to death over Minsk metro bombing

30 November 2011

There are concerns the two men were ill-treated and forced to confess before facing a deeply flawed trial and death sentences.

Iranian women fight controversial ‘polygamy’ bill

30 November 2011

Iranian women activists are raising awareness globally about a controversial "polygamy" law that would further endanger women's rights.

Italy needs to make things right for the Roma

29 November 2011

An illegal "Nomad Emergency" law in Italy has allowed authorities to unleash a wave of forced evictions, making hundreds of Roma families homeless in Milan.

Serbia must stop evicting Roma

25 November 2011

Serbian authorities must stop a long-term policy of forced evictions of Roma families and introduce legislation to ban the practice.

Oregon state governor blocks executions and opens door to abolition

25 November 2011

Oregon governor John Kitzhaber issued a reprieve to convicted murderer Gary Haugen, who was due to be executed on 6 December.

ICC must end confusion over trial of Gaddafi

24 November 2011

Serious questions remain about whether the Libyan justice system can guarantee a fair trial without the death penalty.

Cambodia: Women hit hard by wave of forced evictions

24 November 2011

A new report provides first-hand stories of women resisting forced eviction from their homes and land

Cambodia: Women hit hard by wave of forced evictions

24 November 2011

Brazil: Indigenous leader killed in armed raid

22 November 2011

Brazil's authorities must address indigenous land claims to prevent future violent attacks on indigenous communities.

Libya: Transfer Saif al-Islam to the International Criminal Court

19 November 2011

Amnesty International urges the NTC to transfer Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi to the International Criminal Court, after reports he has been captured in Libya.

Italy: Decrees that discriminated against Roma are ruled unlawful

18 November 2011

The Italian Council of State has ruled to end the "Nomad Emergency", which has exposed Roma communities to serious human rights violations.

Iraq urged to commute death sentences as 11 are hanged

17 November 2011

Eleven people including two foreign nationals convicted of terrorism-related offences were hanged in Baghdad on Wednesday.

Idaho urged to prevent first execution in 17 years

17 November 2011

Paul Rhoades is due to be put to death by lethal injection on Friday after 24 years on death row for murder.

Brazil: Forced evictions must not mar Rio Olympics

14 November 2011

Favelas around Rio de Janeiro have been slated for forced evictions so the authorities can build infrastructure for the 2016 Olympics.

Shell must pay US$1 billion in first step to clean up Niger Delta

10 November 2011

A new report shows that Shell’s failure to promptly stop and clean up oil spills in Bodo has devastated the lives of tens of thousands.

Denmark: Review of US rendition flights over Greenland “toothless”

8 November 2011

Denmark's independent review of CIA rendition flights will not be allowed to compel witness testimony or request any new information.

Roma families in Belgrade face forced eviction by government agency

2 November 2011

Twenty seven families may lose their homes to make way for new commercial housing built by a government owned company.

Afghanistan: Regional cooperation urged to defend rights

1 November 2011

Officials gathered at an Istanbul conference on Afghanistan must keep human rights a central focus of their plans for regional security.

Finland must further investigate USA rendition flights

1 November 2011

A number of planes linked to the CIA’s rendition programme landed in Finland between 2001 and 2006.

Saif Gaddafi must be transferred safely to ICC

28 October 2011

Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi must be allowed to surrender to the International Criminal Court to face investigation for crimes against humanity.

Japan: Minister must not cave in to pressure on death penalty

28 October 2011

Japan's justice minister says he will sign execution warrants, despite announcing last month he would not back the death penalty.

Rendition victim takes case against Lithuania to European Court

27 October 2011

Lithuania's failure to investigate its role in the US-led rendition programme has forced an alleged victim of secret detention to take his case to the European Court of Human Rights.

International Criminal Court: Ensure best candidate is elected as new Prosecutor

25 October 2011

A transparent, public process should lead to the election of the strongest candidate as the new ICC Prosecutor.

Serbian activists arrested for protecting evicted Roma family

25 October 2011

Human rights defenders peacefully attempted to prevent police evicting Mevljude Kurteshi and her six children from their apartment.

Lithuania blocking the truth about CIA Secret Prisons

21 October 2011

The Lithuanian authorities have yet to investigate a significant amount of information linked to CIA secret prisons in the country.

Libya urged to investigate whether al-Gaddafi death was a war crime

21 October 2011

Video evidence and conflicting reports raise questions about how the former Libyan leader died after his capture.

Yemen: No immunity for serious violations under President Saleh

17 October 2011

Those responsible for committing serious crimes under international law in Yemen must be brought to justice.

Malawi must arrest Sudan’s al-Bashir during visit

13 October 2011

Al-Bashir is due in Malawi for a trade summit, despite warrants for his arrest on charges of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Yemeni women attacked while celebrating Nobel Peace Prize win

10 October 2011

Pro-government "thugs" attacked a peaceful women's march in the Yemeni city of Ta'izz, called to celebrate a Yemeni woman's Nobel Peace Prize.

Saudi Arabia executes eight Bangladeshi nationals

7 October 2011

Saudi Arabia has executed eight Bangladeshi migrant workers, sentenced to death for the alleged murder of an Egyptian man.

Nobel Peace Prize recognizes struggle for women’s rights

7 October 2011

The 2011 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkol Karman.

Paraguay to restore Indigenous community’s ancestral lands

29 September 2011

After many years of campaigning, an Indigenous community in Paraguay is closer to moving back to their traditional lands.

Cameroon: End ‘discriminatory’ anti-gay laws

26 September 2011

Cameroon must release all individuals held under a discriminatory law that criminalizes consensual same-sex relations.

Uganda’s amnesty for LRA commander a ‘setback’ for justice

23 September 2011

Former LRA commander Thomas Kwoyelo, charged with 53 counts of murder, has been granted amnesty by a Ugandan court.

US executes death row prisoner Troy Davis

21 September 2011

Death row prisoner Troy Davis has been executed in the state of Georgia despite serious doubts surrounding his conviction

Iran executes teenager accused of killing “Iran’s strongest man”

21 September 2011

A 17-year old, who claimed he acted in self-defence when he stabbed a popular athlete, has been publicly hanged.

Release of US hikers in Iran a "long overdue" step

21 September 2011

Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal were arrested while hiking in the Iraq-Iran border area in 2009 and recently sentenced to eight years for "espionage".

Teenager accused of killing “Iran’s strongest man” set to be hanged

20 September 2011

An Iranian teenager set to be executed for the killing of an athlete says he acted in self-defence.

Saudi Arabia executes man convicted of "sorcery"

20 September 2011

Government urged to establish an immediate moratorium on executions in the kingdom after a Sudanese national was put to death this week.

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