Teng Biao: “In China, courts are told what decision to make in important cases, including on the death penalty.”

16 April 2013

Chinese lawyer Teng Biao talks about the death penalty in the Asian giant -- the country that in 2012 executed more people than the rest of the world put together.

Five ‘crimes’ that can get you killed

15 April 2013

Even though most of the world has turned its back on the death penalty, some countries continue to impose capital punishment for acts like having consensual sexual relations outside marriage, opposing the government, offending religion and even drinking alcohol.

Death Penalty in Belarus: ‘I can’t believe he’s not here any more’

12 April 2013

Lubou Kavalyoua received a letter from the Belarus Supreme Court on 17 March 2012, informing her that her son, Uladzslau Kavalyou, had been executed. She still doesn't know where he was buried. Here, she shares her story.


Trial by camera – 'TV confessions' and the death penalty in Iran

11 April 2013

In Iran, the second highest user of the death penalty, suspects are sometimes forced to appear television to "confess" to alleged crimes before being sentenced to death.

Death penalty 2012: Despite setbacks, a death penalty-free world came closer

10 April 2013

Use of the death penalty continues to be restricted to an isolated group of countries, and progress towards abolition was seen in all regions.

Papua New Guinea: Appalling violence against six women in Easter ‘witch-hunt’

5 April 2013

Witness says the women were subjected to horrific sexual violence with hot iron rods in the Southern Highlands, and the six are still missing.

Kuwait: Deplorable resumption of executions

2 April 2013

Three executions in Kuwait on 1 April were the first since 2007, and are a deplorable setback for human rights.

UN puts human rights at heart of historic Arms Trade Treaty

2 April 2013

The UN has adopted a new treaty that will prohibit states from transferring arms when they know they will be used to commit or facilitate genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes.

UN: Iran, North Korea and Syria cynically block lifesaving arms treaty

28 March 2013

In a deeply cynical move, Iran, North Korea and Syria have stalled an Arms Trade Treaty aimed at prohibiting states from transferring arms to countries commiting serious abuses.

The long journey towards an Arms Trade Treaty

5 June 2013

Sometimes a simple but potentially revolutionary idea can change the world for the better. But it often takes a crisis to galvanize people to take action, and that's how the idea for a global Arms Trade Treaty was born.

UN: States must urgently shore up ‘serious deficiencies’ in draft arms treaty text

25 March 2013

Serious deficiencies in a new draft Arms Trade Treaty text would fail to prevent arms transfers to countries where they could be used to commit or facilitate summary and arbitrary killings, torture and enforced disappearances.

Arms proliferation and abuse shatter communities in Côte d'Ivoire

20 March 2013

A new Amnesty International report says that reckless and illegal arms supplies from Europe, Africa and China continue to fuel grave human rights abuses in the country.

UN: Don’t waste historic chance for a lifesaving Arms Trade Treaty

18 March 2013

World leaders must address the poorly regulated global arms trade that fuels grave human rights abuses of tens of millions of people and claims countless lives each year, Amnesty International said from the UN.

Indonesia: First execution in four years “shocking and regressive”

15 March 2013

Indonesia carried out its first execution in four years and promises to put a further nine people to death in 2013.

Belarus: After death, the cruelty continues as bodies of two executed men still hidden

14 March 2013

A year after executing two men, authorities in Belarus still fail to reveal where they have been burried. 

Saudi Arabia: Seven men executed in act of sheer brutality

13 March 2013

Seven men are executed in Saudi Arabia after allegedly being forced to “confess” to charges of armed robbery.

Global Arms Trade Treaty – a beginners’ guide

11 March 2013

Amnesty International’s arms expert Brian Wood explains how the uncontrolled flow of arms is ruining millions of lives and how it can be stopped.

World powers urged to support a robust Arms Trade Treaty

12 March 2013

Arms supplied by the world’s major powers are among those contributing to the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives and blighting the livelihoods of millions of people every year.

Women explain why an arms trade treaty can save many lives

7 March 2013

At least 200,000 people die every year as an indirect result of conflicts frequently fuelled by the uncontrolled flow of small arms. Many of them are women. Three activists spoke to Amnesty International about the importance of an international Arms Trade Treaty.

Message from the front line: Adopt a strong arms treaty ‘before millions more die’

6 March 2013

No one knows the global arms trade’s devastating effects more vividly than those who live and work on the front lines of armed conflict and in areas ravaged by small arms violence. 

Five reasons why Saudi Arabia must urgently abolish the death penalty

5 March 2013

Seven men are due to be executed in Saudi Arabia next week after being allegedly tortured into “confessing” to a crime. Here, five reasons why the death penalty is never the answer.

A place where no one seems to be safe from torture

5 March 2013

A mother of four and housewife found herself up caught up in Mexico's “war on drugs” and was tortured and sexually abused. Over two years on, no one has been held to account.

From ‘Days of Rage’ to raging conflict - Two years of turmoil in Syria

15 March 2013

Two years since the Syrian uprising began, we speak to Amnesty Researcher Cilina Nasser and Senior Crisis Advisor Donatella Rovera about the conflict so far.

From ‘Days of Rage’ to raging conflict - Two years of turmoil in Syria

15 March 2013

Two years since the Syrian uprising began, we speak to Amnesty Researcher Cilina Nasser and Senior Crisis Advisor Donatella Rovera about the conflict so far.

Bias in Penal Code puts women and girls in danger in Morocco

1 March 2013

Authorities in Morocco are reviewing an article of the country's Penal Code that allowed rapists to escape prosecution if they marry the victim, after a 16-year-old killed herself after being forced to marry the man she said had raped her.


Japan hangs three in first executions under ‘merciless’ Abe government

21 February 2013

Japan hanged three death row inmates on Thursday, the first since the new government took office, raising fears that the pace of executions may increase under Prime Minister Abe.

Massive arms bazaar in Abu Dhabi exposes weakness in Arms Trade Treaty talks

20 February 2013

Arms-exporting countries must ensure that any deals brokered at an international arms fair do not contribute to serious human rights abuses.

Bangladesh: Resist pressure to push for death sentences at war crimes tribunal

15 February 2013

The Bangladesh government must not let a proposed new legal amendment lead to a push for death sentences for those convicted in its ongoing war crimes tribunal.

Sudan must save Darfuri activist from imminent execution

15 February 2013

Sudanese authorities must halt the execution of a Darfuri activist whose sentence was changed from 10 years' imprisonment to death, Amnesty International has urged.

Yemeni authorities 'ignored pleas' to save prisoner from execution

13 February 2013

Authorities in Yemen “played deaf” to last-ditch calls to save a prisoner who was executed on Wednesday, Amnesty International has said.

Sexual and Reproductive Rights: Facts and Figures

14 February 2013

Facts and figures relating to the issues of sexual and reproductive rights, in the context of the International Conference on Population and Development

Women’s silent killer – rights missing from sexual and reproductive health policies worldwide

13 February 2013

From Indonesia to Peru, Sierra Leone to the USA, millions of women and girls are paying with their lives failed health policies, inadequate care, and discriminatory laws.

Former Italian intelligence officials sentenced in Abu Omar case

12 February 2013

Milan Appeals Court has ruled that two former top Italian intelligence officials and three agents were involved in the kidnapping and rendition of Egyptian national Abu Omar.

Saudi Arabia beheading nearly two people per week this year

8 February 2013

Ten people have been executed since the start of the year including, controversially, one man who had been tried twice for the same crime.

Global arms trade contributes to use of child soldiers

11 February 2013

Halting the use of child soldiers in conflicts is just one of a series of compelling reasons for states to adopt a strong Arms Trade Treaty.

Papua New Guinea must act after woman burned alive for 'sorcery'

8 February 2013

A 20-year-old woman accused of 'witchcraft' after a boy died in the city of Mount Hagen was stripped, tied up, doused in petrol and burned alive.

Zimbabwe: Appointment of new hangman raises spectre of imminent executions

8 February 2013

The appointment of a new hangman raises fears that the country may be preparing to start executions again after a seven year hiatus.

First arrests under Malaysia’s oppressive new security law

7 February 2013

The Malaysian authorities must immediately release or formally charge two Malaysian men now detained under a repressive new security law.

Egypt: Impunity fuels sexual violence

6 February 2013

Letting perpetrators in Egypt get away with sexual harassment and assault has fuelled violent attacks against women in the vicinity of Tahrir Square.

New route to justice for poorest being denied to millions

5 February 2013

Uruguay today provided the crucial 10th ratification of a new UN Protocol which will allow individuals and groups to seek justice if their rights are trampled on.

Yemen: Scores of children on prison hunger strike after minor sentenced to die

30 January 2013

Despair and hopelessness pervade in a Yemeni prison where scores of children are on hunger strike to protest at their conditions and about a fellow inmate's recent death sentence.

Davos and the bigger picture

24 January 2013

No one at the World Economic Forum should ignore global inequality, including from a human rights perspective, says Salil Shetty, Secretary General of Amnesty International.

China: Halt imminent execution of woman who killed violent husband

23 January 2013

A Chinese woman who beat her husband to death with a gun after suffering months of domestic violence should not be executed.

China: Halt imminent execution of woman who killed violent husband

23 January 2013

A Chinese woman who beat her husband to death with a gun after suffering months of domestic violence should not be executed.

Guatemala’s war on women

21 January 2013

In 2012 alone, around 560 women were murdered across the Central American country, many after being sexually assaulted.

Sudan releases prisoner of conscience

20 January 2013

Sudanese teacher and activist Jalila Khamis Koko has been released after nine months in detention, during which time she faced the death penalty on fabricated charges.

Turkey: Anti-terror arrests target prominent human rights lawyers

18 January 2013

Overnight police raids in several Turkish cities have resulted in the arrest of 15 human rights lawyers known for defending individuals’ right to freedom of speech and victims of police violence.

Pakistan: Investigate deaths in lawless Tribal Areas

17 January 2013

Following protests against unlawful killings across the Tribal Areas, Pakistan's authorities must investigate and bring anyone identified as responsible to justice in fair trials.

Time to end the inaction over killings of women in Guatemala

17 January 2013

Authorities in Guatemala are putting the lives of women at risk by systematically failing to protect them and ensure those responsible for the hundreds of killings that take place each year face justice.

Mali: ICC investigation of conflict crimes a key step towards justice

16 January 2013

Today’s announcement that the ICC will open an investigation into crimes under international law committed in Mali's conflict is a crucial step towards justice.

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