Dominican Republic: No more hope for tens of thousands stateless and at risk of expulsion if residence deadline expires

1 February 2015

Tens of thousands of individuals born in the Dominican Republic, the vast majority of Haitian descent, will be put at risk of expulsion when the deadline to register for residence expires on 1 February, said Amnesty International today.

African Union: President Mugabe should urgently address human rights concerns

30 January 2015

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe should use his position as the Chairperson of the African Union to address key human rights concerns in different parts of the continent, including his own country.

UK must end cover-up of Diego Garcia interrogations

30 January 2015

The UK authorities must respond urgently to a statement today by a former Bush Administration staffer that interrogations of CIA detainees took place on the British island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

South Sudan: African Union Peace and Security Council stands in the way of justice in South Sudan

30 January 2015

The African Union’s (AU) Peace and Security Council has failed the thousands of South Sudanese victims who are waiting for truth and justice by not making public the report of the Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan, said Amnesty International today. 

Saudi Arabia: Pardons must not include conditions to silence activists

30 January 2015

Last night’s royal decree offering pardons for Saudi Arabian prisoners convicted on “public rights” charges will only be a step in the right direction if the releases do not carry conditions, Amnesty International said. 

Medical expert: Repeated floggings of Saudi Arabian blogger may cause long-term damage

29 January 2015

Further floggings of Saudi Arabian blogger Raif Badawi could cause debilitating long-term physical and mental damage, a medical expert from the charity Freedom from Torture has warned in a report commissioned by Amnesty International. 

Boko Haram at a glance

29 January 2015

The conflict in Nigeria has taken the lives of thousands of men, women and children, many at the hands of armed group Boko Haram. Here’s everything you need to know about the group that is causing turmoil in Africa’s most populated nation.

Bangladesh: Excessive police force not the answer to horrific petrol bomb attacks

29 January 2015

The Bangladeshi authorities risk exacerbating an already violent situation by giving police carte blanche to use excessive force in response to a recent wave of horrific petrol bomb attacks amid ongoing violent political protests, Amnesty International said today.

Equatorial Guinea: African Cup of Nations peaceful protesters must be released

29 January 2015

Equatorial Guinea must immediately and unconditionally release three men arrested two weeks ago, suspected solely of peacefully protesting against the country’s hosting of Africa’s top soccer competition, a group of leading international human rights and transparency organizations said today. 

Libya: Targeted sanctions and accountability crucial to ending spiralling war crimes in Benghazi

28 January 2015

Targeted UN sanctions and accountability are urgently needed to end rampant abductions, torture, summary killings and other abuses by rival forces in Libya.

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