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24 January 2011

Concerns over Israel inquiry into Gaza flotilla raid

Concerns over Israel inquiry into Gaza flotilla raid

Amnesty International has questioned the findings of an Israeli inquiry into last year's deadly raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla after it cleared the Israeli armed forces of wrongdoing.

The commission, led by retired Israeli Supreme Court Justice Jacob Turkel, published its findings yesterday. It concluded that the Israeli military had not breached international law when it forcibly intercepted and boarded the ships on 31 May 2010, killing nine activists.

"We have yet to study the full details of Judge Turkel’s 300 page report but it certainly appears like a 'whitewash', with the Israeli authorities exonerated of wrongdoing although their actions left nine people dead," said Malcolm Smart, Amnesty International's Middle East and North Africa director.

"Frankly, the credibility of Judge Turkel's investigation has been in question since it was first set up. Unfortunately, it now seems clear that the doubts that we and others had about its independence have been proved correct."
 "This outcome will serve only to reinforce the widespread view that the Israel authorities are now unwilling and incapable of delivering justice and accountability for abuses of international law and human rights violations committed by their  forces."  

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