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19 July 2011

Italy: Still no justice 10 years after the Genoa G8

Ten years after the Genoa G8 demonstrations, few investigations or prosecutions have taken place and the Italian authorities have still not publicly condemned and apologized for the ill treatment of protesters , Amnesty International said today, as it called on Italy to strengthen measures against arbitrary and abusive use of force by police.

Region Europe And Central Asia
Country Italy
19 July 2011

Orissa high court rejects Vedanta refinery expansion

Amnesty International has urged the Indian authorities to order the immediate clean-up of an alumina refinery in the state of Orissa, following a high court decision to reject plans for its expansion by a subsidiary of the UK-based Vedanta Resources.

18 July 2011

Turkey urged to halt heavy handed evictions in Istanbul

The Turkish authorities should halt a series of heavy- handed forced evictions which have already resulted in a number of vulnerable families in central Istanbul effectively being made homeless

Region Europe And Central Asia
Country Turkey
17 July 2011

UAE: End Trial of Activists Charged with Insulting Officials

The UAE authorities should drop charges against five activists arrested after they called for democratic reforms, four international human rights organizations said today.

Region Middle East And North Africa
Country UAE
14 July 2011

Little progress on second anniversary of prominent Chechen activist’s killing

The Russian authorities have made little attempt to effectively investigate possible involvement by local officials in the July 2009 murder of the prominent human rights advocate Natalia Estemirova

Region Europe And Central Asia
12 July 2011

Israel anti-boycott law an attack on freedom of expression

A law passed by the Israeli Knesset (parliament) making it an offence to call for a boycott against the state of Israel or its West Bank settlements will have a chilling effect on freedom of expression in Israel, Amnesty International said today.

Region Middle East And North Africa
11 July 2011

Malaysia: Police use brutal tactics against peaceful protesters

The UK government must press Malaysia’s Prime Minister on freedom of assembly in his visit this week, Amnesty International said today, after peaceful protesters in Kuala Lumpur were met with police violence and 1,667 arrests at the weekend.

Region Asia And The Pacific
Country Malaysia
9 July 2011

Senegal: Authorities must not return former Chadian president to Chad

Amnesty International has urged the Senegalese authorities not to return former Chadian president Hissène Habré to Chad where he has been sentenced to death in absentia.


  • International Justice,
  • International Justice
Region Africa
Country Senegal
9 July 2011

Malaysia: Hundreds of Peaceful Protesters Arrested

Malaysian authorities responded to a peaceful rally for electoral reform in Kuala Lumpur today with mass arrests and excessive use of force, Amnesty International said today.

  • Law Enforcement
Region Asia And The Pacific
Country Malaysia
8 July 2011

Arms trade fuels violations in Sudan conflict

UN member states must act to control arms shipments to volatile regions like Sudan’s Southern Kordofan, Amnesty International said today ahead of a week of talks on a global Arms Trade Treaty.

  • Military, Security And Police Equipment,
  • Arms control and human rights
Region Africa
Country Sudan

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