the wire, June 2008. Vol. 38, No. 5

the wire, June 2008. Vol. 38, No. 5

Index Number: NWS 21/005/2008
Date Published: 1 June 2008
Categories: Cambodia, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Somalia, South Africa, Thailand, Tunisia, Ukraine, USA, Zimbabwe

1) Bodies in the streets 2) Iraq refugee crisis continues to deepen 3) 20 June – World Refugee Day: Thai government must uphold the human rights of refugees; Danger await returnees to Kosovo 4) Billy Moore death row survivor tells his story 5) Human rights hope for Pakistan 6) Worldwide Appeals: Zimbabwe: Abuses against opposition politicians; Saudi Arabia: Detention of eight activists; Ukraine: Tortured for a confession 7) Tunisia – harassed for wearing the hijab 8) Cambodia – releases in forced eviction case 9) Getting a glimpse inside Guantánamo 10) A major step forward for economic, social and cultural rights 11) Rural women living with HIV in South Africa struggle to access health care 12) The state of the world's human rights

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