Libya: fear of torture / legal concern

Libya: fear of torture / legal concern

Index Number: MDE 19/001/1996
Date Published: 25 January 1996
Categories: Libya, Middle East And North Africa

'Abdel Mohmmad al-Khazni, aged 20, Salih Sulayman Haddoud, aged 19, Faraj Sualayman al-Du'ayki, aged 21, Sulayman Abu-Setta, aged 20, 'Abdallah al-Mahdi Abu-Seeta, aged 20, Salah al-Din 'Iyad al-Shibani, aged 21, Mohammad Hassan al-Barrani, aged 20, Mohammad al-Mahtout al-Si'anu, aged 20 and 16 other students: it is feared that the above, reportedly tortured before being summarily tried and sentenced to various prison terms in mid-December 1995, are at risk of further ill-treatment or torture. The 24 are believed to be held incommunicado in a prison outside Tripoli.

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