Kuwait: Fear of forcible return / fear of torture

Kuwait: Fear of forcible return / fear of torture

Index Number: MDE 17/001/1997
Date Published: 1 April 1997
Categories: Kuwait, Middle East And North Africa

Muhammad Mirza, 'Abd al-Jalil al-Shuwaikh, Shaikh 'Abd al-Nabi al-Sitrawi, Rashed 'Abdullah Rashed, 'Adel al-Hayki, 'Ali al-Hayki, Hussain al-Hayki, Muhammad al-Hayki, 'Issa al-Hayki, and two others: Eleven Bahraini nationals arrested in Hawalli district of Kuwait city on the night of 26 March 1997 are currently undergoing interrogation and are at risk of forcible return to Bahrain, where they may face serious human rights violations. Their current whereabouts and the reasons for their arrest are currently unclear.

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