Moldova: The trial of the "Tiraspol Six"

Moldova: The trial of the "Tiraspol Six"

Index Number: EUR 59/002/1993
Date Published: 30 September 1993
Categories: Europe And Central Asia, Moldova

Ilie Ilascu, Alexandru Lesco, Tudor Petrov-Popa, Andrei Ivantoc, Petru Godiac and Vladimir Garbuz, known as the "Tiraspol Six", are currently standing trial in the self-proclaimed Dnestr Moldovan Republic (DMR). Arrested last year on charges of murder and terrorism, which five of the six deny, they face a possible death sentence if convicted. There is concern at reports that some of the men were beaten and ill-treated in prison (including being subject to mock executions), and that confessionss were obtained under duress. There is concern that they are not receiving a fair trial.

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