Turkey: Families of "disappeared" subjected to brutal treatment

Turkey: Families of "disappeared" subjected to brutal treatment

Index Number: EUR 44/080/1995
Date Published: 31 August 1995
Categories: Europe And Central Asia, Turkey

Families investigating the fate of "disappeared" relatives have been insulted, beaten up, arrested and imprisoned in Turkey. Wherever and whenever they raise their voices in public, thery are subjected to intense police harassment. This report contains accounts of police brutality and official obstruction of the campaign to end "disappearances". It includes photographs of injuries inflicted of relatives and friends of the "disappeared" on 1 July 1995, while they were visiting the grave of Hasan Ocak, who "disappeared" after being seen in police custody in March 1995 and whose body was later found. It also mentions the efforts by family members to establish the whereabouts of Bektas Avci, a teacher abducted by the PKK in 1993.

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