Turkey: "Disappearance" / fear for safety: Faruk Durre

Turkey: "Disappearance" / fear for safety: Faruk Durre

Index Number: EUR 44/031/1995
Date Published: 13 February 1995
Categories: Europe And Central Asia, Turkey

Faruk Durre was taken from his house in Adana shortly after midnight on 27 January 1995 by unidentified men. They reportedly dragged him away, beating him as they went. When his family and lawyer sought information of his whereabouts, the authorities denied any knowledge of his detention. There is grave fear for his safety. Faruk Durre, who is married with two children, comes from the village of Malazgirt, which was burnt down by security forces in autumn 1993 after villagers had refused to join the village guard. Although not himself politically active, he is the son of a well-known Kurdish intellectual and writer, now in exile.

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