Turkey: fear for safety / fear of torture

Turkey: fear for safety / fear of torture

Index Number: EUR 44/018/1996
Date Published: 1 February 1996
Categories: Europe And Central Asia, Turkey

Ayse Aslan (f), Muhabet Aslan (f), aged 12: Zahide Aslan (f), aged about 17, Aslan Kocer, aged 28, one unidentified armed PKK member - killed: Ayse Aslan and her daughter have not been seen since 30 January 1996 when they were taken into unacknowledged police custody. According to sources security forces shot at and wounded Zahide Aslan and Aslan Kocer as well as an unidentified man presumed to be a fleeing PKK member. The three died later in hospital. The police then took Ayse Aslan, her son and daughter away. The boy was returned but the mother and daughter remain unaccounted for.

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