Romania: Update to Amnesty International's concerns

Romania: Update to Amnesty International's concerns

Index Number: EUR 39/013/1993
Date Published: 31 August 1993
Categories: Europe And Central Asia, Romania

Concerns described in this report include cases of alleged torture and ill- treatment by police, including that of Roma in Piata Rahova in June 1992 and the cases of Stefan Tasnadi, Mihai and Petrica Poteras, Andrei Tanase Zanopol, and Costel Covalciuc. Another concern is the alleged imprisonment on the grounds of homosexuality of Milorad Mutascu and Mirel Ciprian Cucu, and the alleged torture and ill-treatment of homosexuals, including the cases of Doru Marian Beldie, Marcel Brosca and Ienel S. There is concern at the imprisonment of possible prisoner of conscience Viorel Baciu after an unfair trial. Sorin Titei and Mihaela Nicolae may have been imprisoned as a result of possible restrictions on their freedom of speech.

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