Colombia: Possible extrajudicial execution / fear for safety

Colombia: Possible extrajudicial execution / fear for safety

Index Number: AMR 23/041/1997
Date Published: 16 June 1997
Categories: Americas, Colombia

Killed: Fidel Sufscun, Jose Pitalua, young man named "Perica", Ediberto Jimenez; and the internally displaced people in Pavarando: There is grave concern for the safety of over 4,000 internally displaced people who are temporarily housed in a camp in Pavarando, after the killing near there of four persons by an army-backed paramilitary group. On 27 May a group of 30 to 40 heavily armed men entered the village of Llano Rico, Uraba region, Antioquia department, and threatened the villagers there that they would be killed if their names appeared on a list. After failing to find any of those named on the list, the paramilitaries apparently picked at random three villagers and killed them; they killed a fourth man the next day. The Llano Rico community apparently then abandoned the area. The same paramilitaries also went to the villages of La Secreta and Malvinas and ordered the residents there also to leave the area.

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