Democratic Republic of Congo: Mass rape - time for remedies

Democratic Republic of Congo: Mass rape - time for remedies

Index Number: AFR 62/018/2004
Date Published: 25 October 2004
Categories: Africa, Democratic Republic Of Congo

This report focuses particularly on one of the rape survivors' most pressing needs: access to adequate medical care. In the DRC, a country where millions of civilians are suffering and dying as a result of years of conflict, the health care infrastructure, already severely under-resourced, has broken down completely in many areas and is unable to offer even the most basic treatment. In this document, AI also urges the transitional government the other needs of rape survivors. The DRC government must take its responsibility to prevent, punish and eradicate sexual violence. The government must also take measures to prevent survivors from being subjected to social and economical exclusion, and facilitate their search for justice.

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