Sudan: Progress or public relations?

Sudan: Progress or public relations?

Index Number: AFR 54/006/1996
Date Published: 28 May 1996
Categories: Africa, Sudan

This report describes the major human developments in Sudan since the launch in January 1995 of a worldwide campaign by AI on human rights abuse in Sudan. The Sudanese government has continued to silence internal critics, with hundreds held incommunicado without charge or trial, and civilians have been the targets of deliberate attacks in war zones by both government and opposition forces. There is concern at the detention without charge and the ill-treatment of political suspects in northern Sudan, the pattern of militia raiding, extrajudicial execution and child abduction in the remote area of Bahr al-Ghazal and the inadequate response of the armed opposition SPLM/A and South Sudan Independence Movement/Army to evidence that their troops have massacred civilians.

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