Death Penalty News: April – May 2008

Death Penalty News: April – May 2008

Index Number: ACT 53/003/2008
Date Published: 16 May 2008
Categories: Afghanistan, Cuba, Guatemala, Japan, Liberia, Pakistan, Palestinian Authority, Saudi Arabia, USA, Uzbekistan

1) Liberia: Death penalty for armed robbery debated in the Senate 2) Cuba: President will commute death sentences 3) Guatemala: Bill allowing resumption of execution fails 4) US Supreme Court ruling on constitutionality of lethal injection ends unofficial moratorium on executions 5) US (North Carolina): Two people released from death row 6)Afghanistan: Around 100 unnamed individuals face execution 7) Japan: Four more people executed in April 8) Pakistan: New government ratifies UN Human Rights Conventions 9) Uzbekistan: Death sentences commuted 10) Palestinian Authority: Risk of imminent execution 11) Saudi Arabia: Secret video shows horror of beheading

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