Document - Further information on UA 385/91 (MDE 24/08/91, 11 November and follow-ups MDE 24/08/92, 1 May, MDE 24/10/92, 12 May and MDE 24/26/92, 1 September) - Syria: death of former prisoner of conscience: Dr Nour al-Din al-Atassi

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7 December 1992

Further information on UA 385/91 (MDE 24/08/91, 11 November 1991) and follow-ups MDE 24/08/92 of 1 May 1992, MDE 24/10/92 of 12 May 1992, MDE 24/26/92 of 1 September 1992 - Death of former prisoner of conscience

SYRIA:Dr Nour al-Din al-Atassi

Amnesty International has learned with great sadness that Dr Nour al-Din al-Atassi, the former President of Syria, died on 3 December 1992 of cancer of oesophagus at the American Hospital in Paris. He was flown from Damascus to Paris for medical treatment about two weeks ago.

Dr Nour al-Din al-Atassi was detained without charge or trial from November 1970 until August 1992 when he was released due to his ill-health. He was adopted by Amnesty International as a prisoner of conscience until his release. Fourteen other former government and Ba'th Party Officials, arrested in 1970 and 1971 and detained with Dr Nour al-Din al-Atassi, continue to be held in al-Mezze Prison without charge or trial.

Thank you all those who took action on his behalf in the past.

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