Document - Further information on UA 13/92 (MDE 24/01/92, 9 January and follow-ups MDE 24/02/92, 17 January, MDE 24/03/92, 29 January, MDE 24/06/92, 20 March and MDE 24/16/92, 9 June) - Syria: Prisoners of conscience / incommunicado detention / medical concern: Akth

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Distr: UA/SC

25 August 1992

Further information on UA 13/92 (MDe 24/01/92, 9 January 1992) - and follow-up(s): MDE 24/02/92 of 17 January 1992, MDE 24/03/92 of 29 January 1992, MDE 24/06/92 of 20 March 1992 and MDE 24/16/92 of 9 June 1992 - Prisoners of Conscience/Incommunicado Detention/Medical Concern

SYRIA:Aktham Nu'aysa

Muhammad 'Ali Habib

'Afif Muzhir

Nizar Nayyuf

Bassam al-Shaykh

Thabit Murad

Hassan 'Ali

Hussam Salama

Jadi' Nawfal

Ya'qub Musa

Amnesty International has recently received reports that the health of Aktham Nu'aysa, Nizar Nayyuf and 'Afif Muzhir has improved. All three had previously suffered from health problems, in the cases of Aktham Nu'aysa and Nizar Nayyuf this was allegedly due to the effects of torture. The three men had been denied medical treatment.

The organization has also received the information that all ten prisoners, who are currently being held in Saidnaya Prison, have been allowed family visits.

While Amnesty International welcomes these positive changes in the situation of the prisoners, it continues to call for their unconditional release as prisoners of conscience. No further appeals are required at this stage from UA participants. Many thanks to all those who sent appeals on their behalf.

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