Document - Syria: Further information on health concern: Doha ‘Ashur al-‘Askari

PUBLICAI Index: MDE 24/13/99

16 July 1999

Further information on EXTRA 74/99 (MDE 24/09/99, 21 June 1999) - Health concern

SYRIADoha ‘Ashur al-‘Askari (f)

Amnesty International has learned that prisoner of conscience Doha 'Ashur al-'Askari, who was kept in prison after her six-year sentence had expired, has now been released.

Doha 'Ashur al-'Askari had been imprisoned for her involvement with the Party for Communist Action. She was among some 60 political prisoners, including prisoners of conscience, reported to have been released after President Hafez al-Assad issued a general amnesty on 12 July.

No further action is needed. Many thanks to all who sent appeals.

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