Document - Qatar: Further information on: Fear for safety: Hamda Fahad Jassem Al-Thani

PUBLIC AI Index: MDE 22/003/2006

20 October 2006

Further Information on UA 63/05 (MDE 22/001/2005, 15 March 2005) and follow-ups (MDE 22/002/2005, 18 August 2005; MDE 22/001/2006, 14 February 2006) - Fear for Safety

QATAR Hamda Fahad Jassem Al-Thani (f)

Hamda Fahad Jassem Al-Thani safely returned to her husband in Egypt on 17 October.

On 10 June, Hamda Fahad Jassem Al-Thani, a member of Qatar's ruling family, sought to escape from her family home, where she had beenforcibly confined against her will since November 2003. However, she sustained an injury to her leg during her attempt to escape. Following the intervention of the Qatari Human Rights Committee, an ambulance was sent to her family home, and she was admitted to hospital. The Ministry of Interior prevented members of her family from visiting her in hospital, and following the completion of her treatment, the Office of the Attorney General completed the papers necessary for her to obtain a passport. In March 2006, the Ministry of Interior and the Attorney General had assured Amnesty International that Hamda Fahad Jassem Al-Thani's safety was assured.

Hamda Fahad Jassem Al-Thani married an Egyptian national, Sayed Saleh, in Egypt on 5 November 2002. Nine days later, she was allegedly drugged and abducted by members of the Qatari security forces, who took her back to Qatar. According to reports, she was detained in secret in the al-Selyea area of Doha for five months, until April 2003, and then transferred to the offices of the state's Special Security Directorate in Doha, where she was detained until November 2003. The security forces reportedly then handed her over to the custody of her family, who have held her against her will at their home since then.

Hamda Fahad Jassem Al-Thani took plane from Doha to Egypt on 17 October and is now with her husband in Egypt. They both thanked Amnesty International for its efforts on Hamda's behalf.

Many thanks to all who sent appeals. No further action is needed.

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