Document - Libya: Further information: Four men released in Libya


Further information on UA: 104/11 Index: MDE 19/017/2011 Libya Date: 26 April 2011


four men released IN LIBYA

Four men, Zeyad Ramadan, Ghazi Ramadan, Khaled Sury and another unnamed man, were released at 9:30pm on 25 April. They had been held incommunicado from 19 March.

On 19 March, a group of men believed to be Internal Security Agency officials, broke down the door of the house where Zeyad Ramadan and Ghazi Ramadan, who are brothers, were living in Western Tripoli, according to relatives who live outside Libya. They arrested them, along with their two guests, father of four, Khaled Sury and another unnamed man.

It was unclear why the two men and their guests were arrested as they had no political affiliations and no role in anti-government protests according to their relatives.

All four men have now been released.

No further action is requested. Many thanks to all of those who sent appeals.

This is the first update on UA: 104/11 Index: MDE 19/016/2011 Issue Date: 26 April 2011

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