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Further information on UA: 206/11 Index: MDE 14/036/2011 Iraq Date: 06 July 2011



Iraqi activist Dargham Mahdi al-Zaidi was released on 3 July.

Dargham Mahdi al-Zaidi, a pro-reform activist aged around 30, was released on 3 July. He was abducted in the morning of 27 June while walking in the streets of the Bab al-Sharqi neighbourhood of Baghdad, the capital of the country. The men who abducted him were wearing civilian clothes and they reportedly forced him into a car then drove away. It is not known where he was held.

Dargham Mahdi al-Zaidi has been active in the pro-reform movement in Iraq. On 24 June he participated in a demonstration in Baghdad’s al-Tahrir Square, and after that he was said to have been threatened by a security officer wearing civilian clothes who was a member of a security force under the control of the Prime Minister’s Office. He was apparently told that he must stop taking part in anti-government protests.

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This is the first update of UA 206/11. Further information:

Name: Dargham Mahdi al-Zaidi

Gender m/f: Male

Further information on UA: 206/11 Index: MDE 14/036/2011 Issue Date: 06 July 2011

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