Document - Iraq: Journalist acquitted: Ja’far al-Nasrawi


Further information on UA: 187/13 Index: MDE 14/014/2013 Iraq Date: 23 July 2013

URGENT ACTION IRAQ: JOURNALIST ACQUITTED Ja’far al-Nasrawi, an Iraqi journalist working for al-Sumariya satellite channel, was acquitted by al-Russafa Criminal Court in Baghdad, Iraq, on 22 July. He had been detained three days earlier for taking part in an anti-government demonstration. Ja’far al-Nasrawi was arrested in al-Tahrir Square in Baghdad by a federal police unit for taking part in a peaceful demonstration against the government on 19 July. He was taken to a police station in Bab al-Ma’dham in Baghdad. Later that day he was taken to an investigative judge for questioning and was formally charged with “participating in an unauthorised demonstration”. He was released on bail pending trial, very late on 19 July after agreeing to pay five million Iraqi Dinars (approximately $4270 USD). On 22 July al-Russafa Criminal Court acquitted him of the charge. It also dismissed the bail.

Prior to the demonstration, on 18 July, Ja’far al-Nasrawi had posted on his Facebook page that he and others would be participating the following day and would be chanting “No to a government that has fed sectarianism in my country, no to a government that has stolen my country’s resources, no to a government whose security forces have killed my country’s sons…”.

Journalists in Iraq have been targeted for arrest for covering anti-government protests or sit-ins or for participating themselves in demonstrations.

No further action is requested from the UA network. Many thanks to all who sent appeals. Name: Ja’far al-Nasrawi Gender m/f: M

Further information on UA: 187/13 Index: MDE 14/014/2013 Issue Date: 23 July 2013

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